Drew Scott & His Wife Linda Reveal What Caused a Recent Argument

Linda & Drew

Getty Drew Scott and Linda Phan pose together in 2018.

HGTV star Drew Scott wed his wife Linda Phan in May 2018. During an episode of their podcast “At Home With Linda & Drew Scott,” uploaded on August 3, the couple discussed why they recently argued.

Scott shared that he and his wife “had another argument this past week.” He explained that while they are “getting better at communicating with each other, sometimes [they] just kind of get on each other’s nerves.” 

“I think also the people you spend the most time with, sometimes we think like eh, we don’t have to give them courtesy that we give everyone else with pleasantries, we’ll just get to the point. And then it just comes off as harsh,” explained the “Property Brothers” star. 

Scott & Phan Discussed Their Recent Disagreement on Their Podcast

While recording the podcast, Phan asserted that the disagreement “was so dumb.” She explained that she and Scott “were both wearing masks,” while having lunch “in a restaurant.” The creative director of Scott Brothers Entertainment explained this hindered the couple’s ability to communicate effectively “because [Scott] couldn’t read [her] face.” Phan then noted that she “ordered something” that was “not available.” She shared that she felt anxious trying to figure out what else she would like to eat. Scott then suggested that she get a salad, which she agreed to, and he ordered it. However, Phan was not pleased with that choice. 

“The moment the waitress leaves Linda’s like, ‘well I hope that you’re going to enjoy eating that because I’m not going to have much,’” recalled Scott. 

His wife noted that he was frustrated with her reply. Scott revealed that he “said to her why would you order something if you don’t want it.” According to Phan, she did not have an immediate response. Scott then shared that “the next thing [Phan] said to [him] was well maybe next time [he] could just let [her] order for [herself].” 

“It had attitude behind it. There was attitude behind it,” said the “Celebrity IOU” star. 

Phan then noted that Scott asked her to share her feelings with him. 

“You said, ‘Linda you have to tell me what you’re feeling,’ but in like a very jerky way, in a very Drew voice way,” said the 36-year-old. 

Scott admitted that “by this time [he] was getting very annoyed,” as “Linda said two things that were a little passive aggressive to [him].” 

“[I] said, ‘listen you have to tell me what’s on your mind. I can’t read your mind,’” said Scott. 

He went on to say the argument “continued” and he suggested that his wife should leave with their friends, who were driving in “another vehicle,” which upset Phan. Scott then explained he was attempting to use techniques they were learning during their “regular therapy sessions to try to help [their] communication.”  

“I tried to implement one of the things that we were taught to take a breath, stop for a second, and get us to sort of back up a little bit and understand that we aren’t communicating in a very effective way,” said Scott. 

Phan noted that she did not appreciate the way he was speaking to her. 

“I was like do not tell me to step back and stop or whatever and think about what we’re both doing. I know that’s what you meant but it came off as very like alright I’m going to be the teacher in this situation or like I’m going to be the bigger person, you need to take a step back. I was like this is all over ordering food. I think you’re turning it into a bigger situation than it is,” said Phan. 

She then admitted that she “enjoyed [her] salad,” to which Scott responded that he “made a great choice,” causing her to laugh. He asserted that he was attempting to remedy the situation but noted that “using [his] Drew voice wasn’t effective.” The couple eventually disclosed that they could have handled the situation better. Phan noted that she “should have just said to the waiter [she] would just like a couple more minutes,” so she could make her own decision. Scott also agreed that he could have refrained from rushing his wife. 

“I do that a lot. Because I like fast, I like making quick decisions. You know, move forward, get things going and I tend to always do that right away,” shared Scott. 

Scott Referenced the Argument on Social Media

On August 3, Scott took to Instagram to promote the podcast episode. In the caption of the post, he noted that he and his wife “talk[ed] about communication in relationships” on their podcast. He also asked his followers if “ordering at restaurants cause arguments for” them. 

Quite a few fans flocked to the comments sections to answer his question. 

“Food is the ultimate way to start an argument in our household as I never know what I want to eat,” wrote one social media user. 

“No, not ordering at restaurants, but choosing a restaurant does,” added another commenter, along with a crying laughing emoji. 

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