Drew & Linda Scott Share New Details About Their Fertility Journey

Drew Scott and Linda Phan

Getty Drew Scott & Linda Phan attend the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

“Property Brothers” star Drew Scott and his wife Linda Phan shared new details about their fertility journey in a YouTube video.

During a Q&A on their “At Home with Linda & Drew Scott” channel, a fan asked how long the couple had been trying to get pregnant before seeing a doctor.

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“Are you asking us how much sex do we have? How rude,” the HGTV star quipped. He added, “Well we were for a few years, but in reality though when you think about it with our busy pace and our schedule we weren’t focused the way we should have been as to when we would be trying at the right times.”

As Phan added, “And also we probably weren’t even trying hard to try. We just thought like it would happen because you spend your life like trying to not get preggers.”

The couple agreed they seriously tried to get pregnant for “two-ish” years before seeking medical intervention. As they explained, Phan has thyroid issues combined with a few other factors that made “some sort of assistance” necessary. In December 2021, Scott and Phan announced they were expecting their first child conceived via IVF.

“We have had the question a lot ‘Are you gonna have twins?’” explained Scott. “And we know it’s not twins because we did IVF so we know exactly what we’re getting.”

One thing they don’t know is their baby’s sex, which they are keeping a surprise.

Phan & Scott Shared Their Tips for IVF

When asked for tips before undergoing IVF, Phan advised, “Set rituals so you can have fun with it a little. Like, I don’t know, so before we did any of our shots we always played music, like I always had my relaxing music on Insight Timer just to distract me.”

The “Brother vs. Brother” star added that a perspective shift helped the couple. He said, “At the end of the day when we started thinking about it, in today’s day and age a lot of things are different and we’re fortunate to have technology that can help us and the right people to help us and again like we said we literally would not have been able to get pregnant just on our own.”

As Phan explained, she reframed infertility as “fertility challenges.” It was one tool she used to stay positive, as well as journaling and taking quiet time for herself.

The couple also said they turned to family, friends and “having the right team.” Scott added, “Knowing that there are so many people out there that understand, that are going through a similar journey, I think it actually gave us a little bit of peace of mind that we weren’t alone.”

Scott Reveals How They Are ‘Pre-Preparing’ for Their Baby

Their family and friends helped Scott and Phan “pre-prepare” for their soon-to-be family of three.

“We always have family and friends staying with us and then Linda’s sisters all have kids so we’ve been getting a lot of like test time with them,” Scott said. “They’re all different ages, one year old, six, eight.”

The couple is also taking a birth class to get in the “mindset of what it might be like,” Phan explained.

Opening up about their birth plan, they revealed they do have a doula – who doubled as their fertility acupuncturist – but they are not doing an at-home birth.

Phan explained, “Ideally, I would love to be comfortable with that but I’m not right now. Maybe one day.”

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