Why Drew Scott Was Not a Fan of the Name ‘Property Brothers’

Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott

Getty HGTV stars Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott pose together in 2020.

Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott found fame when the hit HGTV series “Property Brothers” premiered in 2011. However, Drew was not initially fond of one aspect of the show. 

Jonathan & Drew Scott Discussed the Beginning of Their Careers in an August 2021 Interview

During an August 2021 appearance on “The Carlos Watson Show,” Jonathan and Drew Scott discussed the start of their careers as television personalities. Jonathan shared that they had come up with a list of names for the series before it debuted.

“We still have the original piece of paper where we were writing down all the test ideas like ‘Build-A-Brothers’ and ‘Brothers in Business’ and all these different things. One was ‘Bungalow Brothers,'” said Jonathan.

He then revealed that while Drew came up with the show’s title, he was not fond of it. 

“Drew actually hated ‘Property Brothers,’ he put it on his list originally but he kept going back and saying, ‘No, no, no, I don’t think that’s right,” said Jonathan. 

Drew proceeded to explain why he did not want “Property Brothers” as the title of their show. 

“The reason I didn’t like it was because the business brain of me, I’m going if we go ‘Property Brothers’ — they could probably find two other brothers who could renovate places very easily. We should have something more specific that makes it harder for them to replace us,” said the famed home renovator. 

During the August 2021 interview, Drew also noted the show’s director initially desired the tone of the “Property Brothers” to be more serious. 

“Our first day on set the director was wanting us to do this scene where we walked these homeowners through the house and tell them what we would do to change it. And they had us being very stilted, ‘Well look at here in the living room’ and Jonathan was like, ‘This is lame. It’s not our personality,’” said Drew.

The television personality shared that they were eventually able to implement humor on the show. 

“So finally we were able to convince the director to just let us be ourselves because we have a comedy background, we just like to have fun,” shared Drew. 

Jonathan chimed in that they received positive feedback for their hosting abilities. 

“The network decided that they loved our way, which was just natural, fun. It wasn’t stuffy. And HGTV, the executive there, Kathleen Finch said that our show changed the landscape of how they did home programing because it was more personable. It was more relatable for people and it was more fun,” said Jonathan. 

Jonathan & Drew Scott Discussed Their Relatability in 2019

While speaking to Yahoo Finance in September 2019, the Scott brothers discussed their relatability. Jonathan explained that they “are committed to families.” Drew then agreed that “Property Brothers” is “all about the families.”

“I mean there are a lot of designers who design with different purposes in mind or what’s important for them. For us, it’s always been about a family and how a family will function in a house,” explained Drew.

He also asserted that they are focused on “helping families,” but noted that they “don’t take [themselves] too seriously.”

“I think there are some shows where people — they use very confusing design terms or high-level design terms of things that aren’t relatable. I think people see that we are very relatable and we truly do care about the well-being of these families that we work with and the families that we’re inspiring around the globe,” said Drew.

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