Fans Go Gaga Over Drew Scott’s Idea for ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Cast

Drew Scott at DWTS

Getty HGTV's Drew Scott attends 'Dancing With The Stars' in 2021 with (L to R) wife Linda Phan, Nikki Bella, Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Greene

The new season of “Dancing With The Stars” is underway and HGTV‘s Drew Scott seems pretty pumped — not only to watch season 31 of the competition, but also to motivate his own tiny dancer to train for a future season. Here’s how the new dad is getting into the show with his little one…

Scott Reveals Bright Idea for Future DTWS Cast

Scott may be a bit biased, but the new dad thinks his four-month-old son Parker James with wife Linda Phan is already showing promise as a tiny dancer. On September 26, he posted a video on social media of Parker’s smooth moves, set to salsa music in the background, hoping his little guy could become a future member of the DWTS cast.

“Salsa time with Parker,” Scott wrote over the sweet video of him on a floor mat with the baby in his nursery. He held Parker up in a standing position and moved him ever so slightly to the music playing: Santana’s Oye Como Va.

“Step, step, two,” Scott said, guiding his little guy’s dance moves and noticing that Parker was trying to hold himself up. “Oh, you’re taking your weight! Good job, good job! A one and a two, a three and a four.”

In the caption of the video, Scott wrote, “Training Parker to bring home that mirrorball trophy.” He added emojis of a dancing guy and a trophy, as well as the hashtags #DancingWithTheStars and #DWTS.

Fans loved the idea of starting early with training little Parker for the show, commenting in droves on Scott’s post.

On Facebook, one woman wrote, “Awe he is so sweet! The next star of Dancing With the Stars.”

Another Facebook user wrote, “Cute little package. So glad you’re having fun! Almost makes up for sleep deprivation! Ha!”

On Instagram, a woman posted a bunch of red heart emojis and wrote, “this is what we all needed on a Monday.”

Parker’s Dad Appeared on DWTS in 2017

If Parker does, in fact, appear on DWTS someday, he’d be following in his dad’s fast-moving footsteps. Scott competed on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ in 2017 with pro Emma Slater. The pair took fourth place in the competition and even pulled off a surprise dance in which Scott’s twin brother and HGTV co-host, Jonathan, danced along side them.

The training was so rigorous that Scott lost 34 pounds while preparing for and filming the show.

“I’ve always been a pretty healthy guy, but I haven’t done as much cardio as I should have,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “And I never thought dancing would give me this much, so I will definitely (keep the weight off) with more sports — that’s how I like to get my cardio, and then maybe put a bit of muscle back on. I’ve dropped a lot of muscle.”

Back then, he said he’d be open to going back on the show to compete against his brother.

“Jonathan and I have been asked for years to both do it as a brother vs. brother and I keep teasing (him),” he revealed. “I’m like, ‘Hey, I did it. I guess I one-upped you.’ You have to do reverse psychology with Jonathan and maybe he’ll come and do it.”

Season 31 of “Dancing With The Stars” airs live Monday nights at 8pm ET/5pm PT, exclusively on Disney+.