EXCLUSIVE: ‘Married to Real Estate’ Stars Egypt Sherrod & Mike Jackson Discuss Their HGTV Shows & More

Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson

HGTV Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson star in 'Married to Real Estate.'

Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson are the real-life husband and wife duo starring in HGTV’s new series “Married to Real Estate” and competing in season 3 of “Rock the Block.”

The Atlanta-based couple has been together for 17 years and share daughters Harper and Kendall. Jackson is also a father to daughter Simone.

They recently spoke with Heavy, opening up about filming their shows, working with family and more.

‘Married to Real Estate’ Was Inspired by Their Pandemic Web Series

Sherrod and Jackson were like any other couple at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, juggling working from home and homeschooling their children.

“As we were watching other people on social media you know struggling with it, we were like everybody’s home right now. Let’s just do something that pulls people in and makes them laugh,” Sherrod told Heavy.

The answer was their “Ask Me Anything” web series, which the former “Property Virgins” host revealed was Jackson’s idea.

“It was his idea to say let’s just talk and laugh and tell people what we’re going, you know kind of like what we’re dealing with and going through,” she explained. “And people loved it and asked us questions and the next episode turned into ‘Ask Anything’ and just kind of let it keep going from there.”

Its success sparked the interest of the couple’s management company, who told them “You guys really have something here. It makes people laugh, it’s relatable. Let’s interject your actual business, like, seeing you selling real estate and seeing Mike renovating and seeing you guys doing the stuff together.”

They decided to film a sizzle reel and pitch it to HGTV, “who laughed their way all the way to taking us to a production company to actually create ‘Married to Real Estate,’” according to the real estate broker.

According to the show’s description, “Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson get clients into the dream neighborhood they never thought they could afford. By using their unparalleled real estate expertise, they’ll make smart purchases and even smarter renovations while managing their busy family.”

While they did not want to give too much away, this season has seen them decide to let their oldest daughter study in Paris, celebrate their anniversary, prepare their middle daughter for a dog and land Jackson in a pool with a rat.

Though, Sherrod did tease her favorite house this season is in the finale.

It Is a Family Affair for the Couple

It is a family affair for the couple on- and off-screen. Not only are Jackson and Sherrod working with their spouse, but they also include their uncles and cousins in the business. As Sherrod explained, they are currently merging their businesses into “a one-stop-shop – real estate, renovation and design.”

“It’s been an amazing ride to watch the person that you love do what they do well. And then you be inspired by it, at least I am,” Jackson told Heavy of working with his wife. “You know, I think it’s been something great for the kids to see you know and be inspired by that as well. To know that mom and dad work well together, not just as husband and wife but as business partners.”

The couple is also incorporating their daughters in what they do.

Calling her husband a “very present father,” Sherrod quipped, “But the one thing he does that drives me crazy with these girls is, even our two-year-old, he gets them in there while he’s doing construction and has the audacity to put a toolbelt on my baby. And I always run in there like, ‘No, she’s a baby!’ But his thing is ‘I want to teach my girls to be self-reliant. You know, and just because they’re women doesn’t mean they can’t pick up a drill and doesn’t mean they can’t screw on a lightbulb’ so I guess that is empowering. I just have to always be on guard because he thinks there’s no age range or limit to start teaching kids about power tools.”

It remains to be seen if their daughters will follow in their footsteps, but the “Flipping Virgins” alum said Harper, their “boss baby,” could one day run it all. Kendall has shown an interest in real estate and now has her first investment property, but as Jackson noted, she is an artist. Simone is focused on fashion merchandising.

Sherrod & Jackson Face off Against 3 Other Teams on ‘Rock the Block’

Sherrod and Jackson are among the HGTV stars facing off on season 3 of “Rock the Block.” The teams were each allotted a budget of $225,000 to renovate one of four identical homes in hopes of achieving the highest appraisal value.

At the start of the competition, Jackson revealed his wife said, “We’re going to go there. We’re going to be extremely humble. You know, if we lose, we lose. If we win, we win. We’re just going to go and have a good time and compete.” Soon her competitive spirit won out and he described it as “battle royale.”

“I had a few Scorpio meltdowns,” Sherrod interjected. “I do admit there were moments that were not my best but it’s like you’re in the middle of it and there’s no other world that exists outside the block. I think that show, they assume like part of it’s real, part of it’s just TV. But I’m here to tell you it’s all real. Period. And so there’s stress and there’s high competition and there’s high stakes because we all have reputations to protect. So I did a lot of laughing, but I also did a lot of crying. So yeah, I left some of my tears and blood and sweat on that block.”

The pandemic presented some problems, with the 45-year-old revealing there were times when “fixtures and tiles and things that we ordered never made it.”

She elaborated, “If anything, this pandemic really, you know, made us rise to the occasion because it’s like not only can you design and can you increase the value of the property, can you do it in the middle of the most stressful time in the world.”

While they cannot reveal who the winner is, the pair told Heavy that they had somewhat of an upper hand.

“As a real estate broker of almost 20 years, I can, I’ll tell you exactly what the appraiser’s going to add value and exactly how much” Sherrod said. “I think we had an incredible advantage in that realm, although there were other real estate brokers on the block. I just feel very confident in that arena.”

There was fun to be had on set, with Sherrod calling the other competitors “amazing, very talented and welcoming.” Though she explained that her husband developed a bromance with “Fixer to Fabulous” star Dave Marrs. He and his wife Jenny are the other parents participating.

Jackson explained, “They’re the couple that we felt was going to be the most competition because of the mindset. You know, they both, they have kids as well and their idea of what’s going to win is adding value and appraise. So we thought they were going to be our toughest competition.”

Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb of “Unsellable Houses” and Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas of “Bargain Block” are also competing.

“Married to Real Estate” airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times and “Rock the Block” airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times.

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