Erin & Ben Napier React to Daughter’s First Day of School

Ben and Erin Napier

HGTV Ben and Erin Napier are the stars of HGTV's "Home Town."

Ben and Erin Napier’s oldest daughter, Helen, is growing up. The HGTV stars took to Instagram to commemorate her first day of school.

Sharing a photo walking hand-in-hand with a backpack-clad Helen, Ben wrote, “Helen requested bacon, bagels, and croissants for the first day of school. so, i got her bagels and croissants from NYC, and bacon from Keens. then i cried more than anyone taking her to school.”

As Erin revealed on her account, the four-year-old took along a reminder of her parents.

“She took one of Ben’s hankies and sprayed my perfume on it in case she needed us and Old Bear held her hand when we had to let go of it,” the “Home Town” host wrote. “Being a parent is hard, awful, bliss.”

The Napiers also share a one-year-old daughter, Mae. They rose to fame renovating homes around their community of Laurel, Mississippi in HGTV’s “Home Town.” Next up, they are teaming up with Dave and Jenny Marrs to reinvigorate Fort Morgan, Colorado on “Home Town Takeover.”

Erin Was Not Responsible for Helen’s First Day of School Braid

One of Erin’s followers complimented Helen’s first-day hairstyle, but the graphic designer made sure to reveal she is not the responsible party.

“You’re getting the hang of braiding, though!!” wrote the fan. “(But you’re definitely not alone! My hands don’t move that way, either, which is a real conundrum because I can do all the other artsy things.)”

Alas, the 36-year-old replied, “i WISH i did this braid! i cannot claim it!”

In February, Erin admitted on social media that she “cannot French braid.”

“I have tried and I have tried. I watched all the youtube videos. I can paint and I can make pottery but my hands are absolutely unable to braid my daughter’s hair,” she continued. “After trying for 30 minutes, this is what I had done and I was supremely frustrated.”

Her daughter wanted to see the result.

“She cringed so slightly, raised her hand to touch it, smiled big and said, ‘Oh mommy you did such a good job. It’s still pretty,’” she wrote. “And my eyes watered and I told her I would take it out if she didn’t like it, and she said, ‘No! I love it. It IS a French braid. You’re a good mommy.’ And that’s how you get a caramel milkshake, Helen girl.”

Erin Reflected on the Passage of Time

Erin reflected on the passage of time ahead of Helen starting school. She shared a photo on Instagram of her radio playing “I Will Remember You” by Sarah McLachlan.

“Just sitting in the car getting weepy because this was played constantly at events when I graduated high school and Helen is starting school this week and time is flying and I will remember you baby Helen (all the other mamas sending your infants to school this year please holler at me)” she wrote.

While it may have been an emotional milestone for the family, Erin commented on Ben’s original post, “she loved it! We all survived.”

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