Erin Napier Shares Unexpected Impact of an Old Friend

Erin Napier

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HGTV’s “Home Town” dream team Erin and Ben Napier first met while in college and have been together ever since, but is there more to the story?

In a May 31 Instagram post, Erin introduced her followers to an old friend of the couple who had an unexpected impact on their lives, and explores a “What if?” behind her and Ben’s love story.

“You ever thought about how different your life would be if one thing had been different? If one person hadn’t been part of it? [Chase Courtney] was [Ben]’s roommate at [Jones College]. He was going to [Ole Miss] after juco, so Ben figured he would too. Then we met, and I didn’t want to go to Savannah College of Art so much anymore if [Ben] was going to be in Oxford. So I enrolled with him,” Erin wrote in her post’s caption, saying Chase ultimately influenced her decision to transfer to Ole Miss as well as Ben’s.

Erin Napier Credits Chase Courtney With Her Friend’s Children Being Born

Erin went on to write, “But then Chase joined the military and our paths diverged. At Ole Miss, [Mallorie Rasberry] was my roommate. I introduced her to my cousin [Jim Rasberry] and they got married and had two babies. So what I’m really saying is… [their two children] Lucy and Lottie exist because of this guy right here. Chase. What else would have been different in our lives if just ONE thing had been different?”

Erin also confirmed in her caption that Chase is pictured spending time in Ben’s workshop because he is set to be featured in “a special episode” of “Home Town” next season.

Fans loved Erin’s story, with one user wondering if Chase was single in the comment section (to which Erin confirmed that he is “not at all 😂”. Many users also noticed Ben’s physical transformation, as he has been exercising more over the past few months, resulting in weight loss which he credits to wanting to ensure he is able to enjoy a long and healthy life with his daughters.

“Ben looks so svelte!! Kudos for him taking care of him!! In turn his healthy self taking care of himself for his family!” one user wrote.

“I want to comment on Ben but I don’t know how without it sounding weird and I’m married as well . So this is me saying he looks like he’s done a good job of getting healthy … in a strictly platonic un weird way 😂” another fan added.

“Well … I was going to mention Ben, but everyone beat me to it 😀 … but I love your post & the people we encounter impacting our lives ❤️” a third fan commented.

Erin Napier Shares a Hilarious Clip of Ben

Also on May 31, Erin shared an Instagram story of Ben in the aftermath of their daughter, Mae’s, 2nd birthday. In the clip, Ben is sucking the air out of a helium balloon (which 5-year-old Helen picked out for her little sister and reads “Happy Assistant’s Day”) and saying in a high, squeaky version of his voice, “It’s the best thing about birthday parties. It’s going to be awesome. Why does it do this?”

Erin can’t help but laugh behind the camera, adding, “I hate it so much,” while Ben inhales more helium before responding in a suave-yet-high-pitched voice, “Don’t hate it, baby, don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”

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