Erin Napier Shows Off Husband Ben’s Weight Loss

Ben and Erin Napier

Getty Ben and Erin Napier

HGTV star Ben Napier shared the news of his 55-pound weight loss in early 2019, saying much of it was documented during the course of “Home Town” season three, and that he made the decision in an effort to improve his health after becoming a father when his wife and “Home Town” co-host Erin gave birth to their daughter Helen in January 2018.

Now, Erin took it upon herself to share another update on Ben’s journey, writing in a February 19 tweet, “Ben has lost a lot of lbs. since [tonight’s ‘Home Town’] episode, I’d just like to brag on him a little” along with a photo of her 6-foot-6-inch tall husband present-day, looking leaner than he did on screens during the episode.

Erin Napier Had to Take a Week Off From ‘Home Town’ to Recover From an Injury

Erin shared a screenshot from the episode to her Instagram account that showed what Ben looked like before his latest weight loss, but as she live-tweeted the show she revealed that he wasn’t the only one that was focusing on his health during filming.

“So, this was filmed last summer when I rolled my ankle in a loose gravel parking lot and I fell on my face HARD. I was off from #HGTVHomeTown for a week to recover and tried my best to patch up my busted lip during filming for this episode. 😅” Erin tweeted, continuing on in a thread to explain the context of her injury, “i had shopping bags in both hands and was solo shopping with the girls when it happened, and perhaps the worst part is that a man on the sidewalk saw it happened and yelled out ‘you okay, ma’am?’ i’ve never jumped up so fast. ‘YEP IM GOOD THANKS BYE.'”

Besides her injury, Erin and Ben both also shared that conditions were less than ideal during this episode’s filming, as Ben had sweat through multiple shirts due to the summer heat and humidity in Laurel, Mississippi, and the porch of the home was swarming with lovebugs during the home’s reveal.

Despite these inconveniences, the final reveal came out great, with the Napiers adding color and pattern throughout the newly yellow home.

Erin Napier Shows Off Ben’s Recent Beard Transformation

In addition to his weight loss transformation, Ben recently went through a beard transformation while playing with the Napiers’ daughters Helen and Mae. The girls were playing with hair bows and decided to put them all throughout their father’s beard while he lay on the ground in a photo Erin shared to Instagram. The bows, in shades of red, white, and pink, filled Ben’s beared and mustache so that his mouth was no longer visible.

Fans loved the adorable family moment, and took to Erin’s comment section to share memories of their own.

“This is AWESOME! Seriously a Dad win right here. You sir are imprinting big love into those girls!” one fan wrote.

“My daddy used to let me put makeup on him and fix his hair. He’s now 92 and I’m 61 and it’s some of my best memories❤️❤️❤️” another fan added.

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