Erin Napier on Verge of Tears After Daughters’ Birthday Surprise

Erin Napier

HGTV / YouTube Erin Napier

HGTV star Erin Napier celebrated her 38th birthday on August 30, 2023, in her hometown of Laurel, Mississippi. Her husband and “Home Town” co-host Ben Napier shared a look into their family’s morning in an August 30 Instagram post as he and the couple’s two daughters, Helen, 5, and Mae, 2, attempted to surprise Erin on her birthday morning.

“The girls wanted to wake mommy up, but she was already awake. They made her get back in bed so they could give her a BIG happy birthday. Thanks for putting up with our celebrations, babe. We love you!” Ben wrote in his post’s caption. The post included photos and a video of Helen and Mae running into their parents’ bedroom while Erin pretended to still be asleep on top of her bed, feigning surprise for her daughters.

“i love y’all so much i could cry!” Erin commented on her husband’s post.

Ben Napier Had a Surprise of His Own in Store for Erin’s Birthday

“Home Town” fans took to Ben’s birthday post’s comment section to share their own well wishes with Erin for her birthday.

“Have a wonderful birthday surrounded by your amazing blessings! ❤️” one user wrote.

“Happy birthday, sweet Erin. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. Oh, and Big Ben too.” another fan added.

“Happy birthday to beautiful Erin 🙂 🎉. Hope she has a spectacular day!” a third user commented.

Ben had his own surprise prepared for his wife on her big day when he drove over 30 miles to Loblolly Bakery to pick up pastries for Erin. One of the Napiers’ friends, Robert St John, who was in on the surprise, shared the story in an August 30 Instagram post.

“Happy birthday [Erin Napier]. No surprise that [Ben] went to great lengths to hook you up with birthday pastries. He snuck out of the house around 5am and drove to Hattiesburg where he slipped in the back door an hour before opening and pastry chef Tatum who came in at midnight passed along the goodies. Once again, Ben makes all of us other husbands look lazy and unromantic. Wishing you all the best for all the years! HBD!” St John wrote in his post’s caption.

Erin reshared St John’s post to her Instagram Story, writing, “I am the luckiest,” while Ben thanked the bakery “for making me look like a hero this morning!” in his own Story post.

Erin Napier Went ‘Clubbing’ For Her Birthday

Erin’s birthday fun didn’t stop at home with her family, as she shared a selfie with three of her close friends, Aly, Emily, and her cousin-in-law Mallorie Rasberry outside Sam’s Club, with the caption, “you can find us in the club (w insulated bags) #galpalbirthdays”.

“That’s my kinda club. 🤩” one user wrote, with another fan commenting, “birthday clubbing cuties! Happy birthday!”

“I ask my husband ‘want to go clubbing?’ when we need stuff from Sam’s. 😂 Only type of clubbing we do anymore,” a third fan shared.

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