Erin Napier Calls Out ‘Sassy’ Fan

Erin Napier

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HGTV stars Erin and Ben Napier often share their reactions and behind-the-scenes details of their “Home Town” episodes live on Twitter while the shows air. The couple is known to respond directly to fan questions, however during the Sunday, May 7 “Home Town Takeover” airing, Erin responded to one fan who thought they had a better idea than the on-screen design team.

“Should’ve been an enormous playground not a prairie maze. #HometownTakeover” this fan tweeted during the episode, which Erin quote tweeted, adding, “they already have an enormous playground at riverside park, sassy.”

Erin & Ben Napier Built a ‘Prarie Maze’

The currently-airing second season of “Home Town Takeover” sees Erin and Ben Napier working on renovation projects for homes and businesses throughout the town of Fort Morgan, Colorado along with the help of Jenny and Dave Marrs (from “Fixer to Fabulous”) as well as a large cast of special HGTV guest stars. The third episode saw Erin and Ben working on a new type of space for the whole Fort Morgan community.

“There’s a lot of value in having places that are not businesses that foster community,” Erin explained in confessional, to which Ben added, “So we’re going to head over to an unused lot in the heart of downtown Fort Morgan to create a community space.” Later in the scene, Ben revealed that this is an idea they’ve brought to Laurel, Mississippi, so they knew it worked.

Erin then explained to the couple’s volunteers that they’d be making a “park”-like space called a “prairie maze”. These community members then helped the Napiers as the team worked to bring this maze to life.

Despite receiving a “sassy” response from one fan, Erin and Ben received plenty of positive fan reaction for their prairie maze.

“Community spaces are fun! This prairie maze sounds amazing! #HomeTownTakeover” one fan tweeted.

“That prairie maze looks so good! The gentle wind chimes and everything about it is so peaceful! #HomeTownTakeover,” another fan added.

Erin revealed some additional information in her own tweets during the episode, opening up in telling fans “Guys! I had lost my voice on this first day in the prairie maze. It will be a miracle if you can hear me at all. #HometownTakeOver,” to which one kind fan responded, “We will turn up the volume and listen closely. 👍 👍 😁”

Ben responded to a fan tweet of his own, as well. When one user tweeted out the phrase “A-maze-ing!”, Ben reacted, adding, “Well played, I’m proud of you.” along with a gif of Ron Swanson from “Parks and Recreation” saying “I’m really proud of you.”

Erin Napier Has a Secret New Project

While the second season of “Home Town Takeover” continues to air, Erin has begun to move on to her next project. The HGTV host shared a call to action on her Instagram on May 5, asking fans with children who wanted to keep their children social-media-free through high school to sign up for her email list. While she was unable to share more details at this time, the project is called “OSPREY” an acronym that stands for “old school parents raising engaged youth”, and Erin promised to share more details by the Summer.

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