Erin Napier Reveals Reason for Writing Newest Book

Erin Napier

HGTV / YouTube Erin Napier announced her newest book this week

Earlier this week, Erin Napier announced that she has completed her third book, “Heirloom Rooms,” which will be hitting bookshelves nationwide on October 3, 2023.

The HGTV “Home Town” co-host shared the news in a February 7 Instagram post, sharing that “Heirloom Rooms” is her response to photos of perfectly staged photos of homes, which she has become bored of seeing. Napier invited friends (including some of her fellow HGTV hosts) to submit photos of their own imperfect, lived-in, and unstaged homes along with essays about the memories that make these places so special.

On February 8, Napier shared the preface of her book to Instagram and expanded on the personal reasons why she wanted to document her house for the world to see.

Erin Napier Wanted to Preserve Childhood Memories for Her Daughters

“I cannot remember what was inside the china cabinet. I cannot remember if the floors were oak or pine in that room. I cannot remember the color of the hallway that kept us safe during the Glade tornado,” Napier writes in her “Heirloom Rooms” preface. She elaborates in the post’s caption, writing, “The reason I wrote #HeirloomRooms: I felt like I was forgetting parts of my childhood. I want to document the best years of our lives with little children in our home, for us and for them.”

Erin and her husband (and HGTV co-host) Ben Napier have two daughters together, Helen (5) and Mae (1). Fans have previously speculated about the couple welcoming another baby, however Erin put those rumors to rest via social media, confirming, “Y’all don’t have to google thinking we are dropping cryptic hints. There are no hints. Our family is complete. It is weird and a bit rude to constantly speculate if a woman is pregnant.”

Along with this preface, Erin shared two childhood photos of herself, one with her arms thrown up in the air in front of a floral green couch as she wears a red sweatshirt, and another of baby Erin behind the wheel of a red-and-yellow plastic toy car. Both photos were taken by Erin’s mother Karen Rasberry.

Many fans resonated with Erin’s message, and shared stories of their own in the comments, with one fan writing, “I love everything about this. I’ve noticed now that we all take photos with our phones, we perfectly crop every frame to only see order. But what I love about looking at my family’s old photos is what’s in the background. The dishes on my grandma’s countertop. The catalogs on the coffee table they had been perusing. Those things mark time almost as much as people do.”

Erin Napier Is Already a New York Times Bestselling Author

Like all authors, Erin likely hopes that “Heirloom Rooms” will find a place on the New York Times Bestsellers list, however the designer and author already knows what that accomplishment feels like.

Erin’s first children’s book (and second book after co-writing the memoir “Make Something Good Today” with her husband), “The Lantern House”, peaked at number three on the children’s books page of the Times’ prestigious list. Upon hearing the news, Ben took to Instagram to share his wife’s accomplishment, posting a video of him and Erin hugging and writing, “Tonight, I will go to bed with a bestselling author.”

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