Erin Napier Uploads Sweet Video of Husband Ben & Daughter Helen

Erin & Ben "Home Town"

HGTV Erin and Ben Napier star on "Home Town."

Ben Napier and his wife Erin star on a handful of HGTV shows, including “Home Town,” “Home Town Takeover,” and “Home Town: Ben’s Workshop.” On top of being beloved home renovators, they also are devoted parents. They had their first daughter, Helen, in January 2018 and their second child named Mae, in May 2021. Earlier this week, Erin posted a sweet video of Ben and their first-born child on social media.

Erin Uploaded an Instagram Video That Showed Ben & Helen Dancing

Erin uploaded the Instagram video on August 17. The brief clip showed Ben dancing with Helen while looking down at her and smiling. The 2017 film “Beauty and the Beast,” starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, played in the background.

Erin shared the 1948 essay “On Living in an Atomic Age” by C.S. Lewis in the caption of the post. In the brief essay, the “Chronicles of Narnia” author encourages readers to continue living their lives despite the threat of atomic bombs.

“cs lewis gave me enormous comfort today, with words from 1948. whether a bomb or a virus,” read a portion of the caption, seemingly in reference to the coronavirus pandemic.

Many fans let Erin know in the comments section that they were appreciative of her post.

“This is beautiful. And exactly what the entire world (and MEDIA) needs to read right about now. Thank you, Erin, for sharing these powerful words and for your constant peaceful presence on here. You are a gem! [red heart emoji],” wrote a commenter.

“Watching your husband and daughter dance is so joyful. Light in a dark time,” commented a second fan.

One commenter also asked Erin about showing young children the live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast.”

“[Two red heart emoji] did she get spooked by the Beast?? I have been scared to show my little girl (she turns 3 next month) bc I was afraid it would freak her out but I love that movie so much!!” wrote an Instagram user.

Erin was quick to respond to the question and revealed that Helen is usually fearless.

“[N]othing seems to scare helen except bugs. and they really really scare her [smiling face with open mouth emoji],” replied the mother-of-two.

Ben Napier Discussed His Relationship With Helen in April 2021

During an April 2021 appearance on Access Hollywood, the Napiers discussed Ben’s relationship with their first-born child. Erin explained that Helen has a tendency to boss him around.

“She loves to tell Ben like take your shoes off when you come into the house daddy. They are dirty. Daddy you smell like gasoline, go take a shower. Daddy don’t lay on the bed you have sawdust on you. Like she’s a neat freak like me, which I’m super psyched about honestly,” shared the 35-year-old.

While speaking to Access Hollywood, the Napiers also told a humorous story, involving a white lie they had told Helen. Ben noted that after Helen broke her leg earlier this year, he “slept on the floor next to her.”

“I would hold her hand through the rail until she fell asleep. And then I’d fall asleep. If she woke up during the night because her leg would be hurting and she’d wake up and call out and I’d be right there,” shared the 37-year-old.

Ben explained that Helen “got used to” the arrangement, but they “didn’t want to make a habit of that.” Erin noted that the 3-year-old, who “wasn’t in pain anymore,” requested her father to “sleep on the toy room couch” because “she feels like that’s closer” to her room.

“So now she believes that’s where Ben sleeps every night,” said the graphic designer.

Ben shared that Helen brought up his supposed sleeping arrangement while they “were interviewing” a potential employee. Erin noted that the interview was held “on a loveseat in the toy room,” and Helen had walked in.

“She said ‘hi Miss Holly, my daddy sleeps on the toy room couch every night.’ Daddy has never slept on that couch,” said the mother-of-two with a laugh.

Erin revealed that they had to clarify where Ben actually sleeps but decided to still keep Helen in the dark.

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