Erin Napier Shares ‘Sweetest’ Update of Daughters Helen & Mae

Erin Napier

HGTV / YouTube Erin Napier

HGTV’s Erin Napier posted a photo of her two daughters, Helen (5) and Mae (2), bonding together at the rehearsals for Helen’s dance recital.

“All of a sudden, they’re becoming a team. Mae was cheering in the front row, and Helen was squinting into the spotlight, smiling and waving from the stage for her baby sister who called back, ‘HEY SISSY!'” the “Home Town” host captioned her May 26 post, “As they watched the younger ballerinas do their rehearsal, Helen whispered to Mae, ‘you can be up there one day.’ It’s fascinating to watch siblings become friends.”

Do Erin & Ben Napier Have Siblings?

Fans were delighted to see Napier’s daughters getting along so well with each other, and were quick to let Napier know this in her post’s comment section.

“This is the sweetest! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️”, one user wrote.

“This is lovely. I’m a Helen & my little sister still calls me sissy, she’s absolutely my best friend,” another fan added.

“It’s the best! Our teens fight like crazy but they are besties and it’s so nice to know they’ll always be there for one another,” a third user commented.

Erin and her husband Ben Napier each have first-hand experience with growing up with siblings, as both members of the beloved HGTV design duo grew up around brothers.

Erin has one older brother, Clark, who is a physical therapist. The pair were raised together in Laurel, Mississippi and although Clark is seldom caught in front of the camera, the two remain close to this day. Erin documented his 40th birthday celebration in a blog post on her and Ben’s Laurel Mercantile website, and in January 2020, People shared a video of Clark helping Ben workout and start leading a more active lifestyle, something Ben was hoping to accomplish as his daughters were born.

Like his wife, Ben also grew up with brothers, however he was one of four boys in his childhood home. Erin described the Napier boys (“all completely opposite in so many ways, and all exactly the same in others”) in another Laurel Mercantile blog post. She explained that the oldest brother, Sam, “is a math professor, analytical, into craft beers and debating things”. She then calls her husband “fearless in all social situations. He likes making things, fixing things.” Next is Tom, whom Erin labelled “the hot-tempered unbearded Napier brother, the early riser who gets up with the sun”, and last is Jesse, “the introspective brother who gets carried away with questions and thoughts on the big things—politics and sociological topics”.

Erin & Ben Napier Introduced Their Work Family to the World

Erin and Ben’s family extends beyond their blood relatives to their greater Laurel, Mississippi community. The couple highlighted some of those other family members when they shared a video made in 2017 on social media in May 2023 sharing their company, Laurel Mercantile’s, mission to create jobs in the Laurel, Mississippi, area.

“Thank y’all for shopping with us and giving lots of Americans jobs: from the makers of the goods in our stores who live all over the USA to the people in our factory who take pride in turning American hardwood into countertops and cutting boards,” Erin wrote in her post’s caption, “You’re making a difference in their lives, not just the owners of our stores.”

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