Erin Napier Shares ‘Adorable’ Picture of Ben & Their 2 Daughters

Ben and Erin Napier

HGTV Ben and Erin Napier on the set of their HGTV show, "Home Town."

Erin and Ben Napier may be best known for being incredible home renovators and charming HGTV hosts. The couple, however, also happen to be parents to a 3-year-old named Helen and a 3-month-old named Mae. Erin recently took to Instagram to share a “precious” family moment with her fans. 

Erin Napier Uploaded an ‘Adorable’ Instagram Post

On September 10, Erin posted a photo that showed her husband and children spending time together on a porch. Ben sat on a chair and held Mae, while he looked at the camera through the screen door. Helen, who was wearing a light pink dress, stood next to her father, as she touched her sister’s back. 

“It’s screen door weather [heart-eye emoji],” read the post’s caption. 

Quite a few fans flocked to the comment section, with many sharing kind messages. 

“A whole lotta love looking through that door. We could all use more of that! Thank you for sharing!” shared a commenter. 

What an adorable picture. A beautiful family! [smiling face emoji],” wrote another social media user. 

Ben is showing his daughters how a man must treat his family, wife & loved ones [red heart emoji] Hallelujah Amen,” commented a different fan. 

That’s such a precious picture [red heart emoji],” chimed in a fourth Instagram user. 

Ben Napier Revealed What He Believed to Be ‘a True Test of a Marriage’ in 2020

While speaking to BUILD Series in January 2020, Ben and Erin Napier gave fans some insight into their relationship. Ben noted that before being HGTV stars, he and his wife renovated their “first two homes together” in Laurel, Mississippi, where “Home Town” is filmed. He explained that Erin and he initially lived frugally because he has “a history degree and she has an art degree and those don’t translate to a lot of money.” Ben then suggested that there are two aspects of home renovation that have been points of contention for the couple.

“We had lived in renovations, we had done them together, and we always say that a true test of a marriage is painting a room together or hanging curtains together,” said the 37-year-old. 

Erin agreed with her husband and asserted that “hanging curtain is rough.” 

“Somebody’s gotta do the watching and somebody’s gotta do the doing,” explained the mother-of-two. 

Ben then chimed in that he and his wife have disagreed about the placement of curtains. 

“They have to be level, but level is open to interpretation if you’re married to an artist,” quipped the HGTV star. 

During the interview, Ben also discussed how he became a professional woodworker. He explained that while his “parents are United Methodist ministers,” his father is “also a decent mechanic,” meaning that he learned to be handy. The father-of-two went on to say that he built frames for Erin for one of her art courses in college. 

“He was hanging out with the guys in the sculpture room and learning how to do the woodworking and with the saws and so he built my frames,” said Erin. 

She then revealed that he also built her a replica of a “$3,000 antique armoire” when they were first married. 

“So we built that and from then on, I always approached woodworking from like the fine carpentry side and so it just developed more and more and more,” said Ben.

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