Fans Are Offended By Christina Hall’s Vacation House Tour

Christina Hall

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HGTV’s Christina Hall is letting viewers into her and her husband Josh’s vacation home in Tennessee in a new Instagram post.

“Quick Tennessee home tour. Josh and I added some accessories to our home away from home with the help of @jamescbender. Love our new art piece by @trudylynnelliott too! 🤍,” Hall captioned the post.

In the video, Hall takes viewers into her Tennessee home, which features wooden barn doors, an exposed stone entryway and a brick fireplace, an animal hide rug, an art piece by artist Trudy Elliott, and a big antique drugstore sign. This sign is causing quite a stir with fans, who are having mixed reactions about its place in the home.

See the Hall’s “home away from home” HERE, and read what fans have to say about the drugstore sign below.

Fans Are Outraged Over Christina Hall’s Drugstore Sign

Overall, fans liked Christina Hall’s design choices for her vacation home in Tennessee, but some couldn’t get past the vintage drugstore sign, which reads “DRUGS” in big capital letters.

“Love everything except the “drugs” sign. I get the vintage appeal but wouldn’t want a sign saying that hanging in my home, street or pharmaceutical. 😂” one fan wrote, and 30 responded with their opinions. Some agreed, like one fan who said “specially with kids 😑😑 but she is been very open about having mushrooms so… maybe is ok in her”, while others defended the decor choice.

“I absolutely love everything about y’all’s house! Especially the vintage pharmacy sign! (The fact that the sign has offended some has nothing to do with my post. 😉😂),” one fan wrote.

“The sign is put into the decor because it’s a vintage rustic sign from a really old store. This is a way to take something historic and incorporate it into the design and has nothing to do with what the viewer interprets from the design. It’s just shabby chic meets modern,” another fan commented, defending the designer.

One user was confused by the entire discourse around the sign, writing, “Undamnbelivable…its her house. Its a vintage sign. Nothing more. Nothing less. The only people making a big deal out of it are the busy bodies that probably have their noses involved in everything in real life…”

Christina Hall’s Tennessee Home is Her ‘Safe Place’

Christina Hall bought her Tennessee home right around the beginning of 2022, according to People. The “Flip or Flop” star says that she knew right away that she wanted the property, saying, “This insanely beautiful modern farmhouse had been on the market one day so we went and saw it and I immediately fell in love and made an offer. It’s on 23 acres, super private and has everything I could imagine and more.”

While the property is not her main home, Hall has found as many opportunities as possible to spend time there and has dubbed it her “safe place” in an Instagram post from September, in which she also gave fans the following advice: “Life is short. Spend it with people who light up your life instead of try to dim it.”

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