Returning HGTV Stars Allow Fans to Vote on Title of New Series


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HGTV is bringing back the “Cheap Old Houses” duo, married couple Elizabeth and Ethan Finkelstein, for a new series set to premiere in 2024. In an unprecedented move for the network, the Finkelsteins are calling on their fans to help them decide what they should call their new show.

“We’re going to be helping homeowners find cheap old houses and restoring them,” Ethan said of their new show in a May 30 Instagram post. He went on to add, “But we need your help, we need you to help name the title of the series.” The duo then requested that fans take to their Instagram comment section to vote on the three options listed in their caption.

The three titles that Ethan and Elizabeth are considering are “OPTION #1: Who Wants to Buy a Cheap Old House?, OPTION #2: Desperately Seeking a Cheap Old House, OPTION #3: Who’s Afraid of a Cheap Old House?”

Fans Weigh in On the ‘Cheap Old Houses’ Team’s Decision

With over 2.4 million followers on their popular Instagram page (which began in 2016 and served as the inspiration behind both their original 2021 series and this upcoming new series), the Finkelsteins were quick to receive an outpouring of fan comments with input on what they should call their new show.

“Option 3. I love that you restore cheap old houses. They are gems with good bones with real wood details and built-ins throughout and so much character, not like the cookie cutter homes now,” one user commented.

“How about Cheap Old Houses: Restored” another fan suggested, moving away from the options presented to them. Many other fan comments supported this “write-in” vote as well.

Oscar-nominated director and producer Ava DuVernay also joined the conversation, writing, “There has to be a good reason why you’re not going with the simply awesome ‘Cheap Old House.’ So I pick #2. Congrats!”

Option 3 appeared the most popular of the choices in the couple’s comment section, though with over 1,500 comments, the Finkelsteins will have a lot to look through for the final results.

Fellow HGTV stars also wrote in on the couple’s post to congratulate them on the new series, with “Farmhouse Fixer” star Jonathan Knight writing “This is going to be amazing!!! Congrats 🎉” and “Battle on the Beach” star Ty Pennington adding, “Congrats guys! Whoop!”

HGTV gave more insight into this new series, and why the title of the show is changing from their previous “Cheap Old Houses” series, in a press release, with executive Loren Ruch saying, “We’re adding the process of buying and restoring these affordable houses to their new series, which will result in astounding transformations of not only traditional older properties but out-of-the-box ones as well.”

Elizabeth & Ethan Finkelstein Are Coming Out With a Book

In addition to their revived HGTV series, the Finkelsteins announced another new venture, their first book, earlier this month. In a May 4 Instagram post, the couple revealed the cover art for their book, simply titled “Cheap Old Houses”, which is available now for pre-order ahead of its October 10, 2023 release date.

“I promise that the book delivers all the escapism you expect from us,” the couple captioned their book announcement post, “I’m extremely proud of the eye candy that it provides. But more than that, it’s about changing your life, like the people we’ve profiled. You won’t believe these stories! Giant mansions, remote farmhouses, cabins, schoolhouses—even a condemned hydropower station turned into a home. These outside-the-box thinkers saw beauty where others couldn’t, and have found immense purpose in doing so.”

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