Heather El Moussa’s Holiday Season Began With Unplanned Challenges

Heather El Moussa

Getty Heather El Moussa

“Tristan’s first Thanksgiving didn’t really go as planned 🥹.” HGTV star Heather El Moussa shared the story of how she and her husband Tarek El Moussa’s baby son Tristan spent his first Thanksgiving under the weather, and how she struggled alongside him, in a November 28 Instagram post.

“Our sweet bear came down with a bad cold, his first one ever, and of course we weren’t at home for it- we were in the mountains where I grew up and I’m not going to lie, this was definitely not how I saw his first Thanksgiving going,” Heather wrote in her post’s caption, “It was his first time being sick so it was stressful for me- a lot of long nights & I wasn’t sure how bad it was going to get.”

Fans Sent Encouragement to a ‘Helpless’ Heather El Moussa


Heather went on in her post’s caption to write about how she felt watching her baby boy work through his cold. “As a mama you feel sort of helpless because they can’t ‘tell’ you how they feel. I’m so grateful that he’s feeling better & almost through it and that we were surrounded by our family for a little extra help, love, and support 🫶🏻 I know the holidays, for a lot of people, can be a little unexpected so if yours didn’t go as planned either- you’re definitely not alone but I hope everyone else had a happy & healthy Thanksgiving weekend 🤍,” Heather wrote.

Fans were quick to share messages of support for Heather in her post’s comment section, with one user writing, “Aww…I’m sorry to hear that but I’m so glad you were surrounded by loved ones that could support and love on ya.”

“Our youngest threw up all over me on Christmas Eve when all of the family was over and was sick all Christmas when he was little! One thing you can always count on is someone getting sick during the holidays 😌,” another user added, sharing their own relatable story with Heather.

“Just so u know. With kids, my holiday expectations have changed. They never go as planned. That being said, enjoy and cherish the crazy that happens. It is a gift! Glad little man is feeling better,” a third user commented.

Heather El Moussa Describes Challenges With Hashimoto’s Disease

In October 2023, Heather announced that she had been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s Disease after giving birth to Tristan, and in a November interview with People, the former “Selling Sunset” star opened up about some of the new challenges this has added to her life.

“After I had Tristan, I just felt really tired, really run down, barely any energy, just hard to get up in the mornings and just exhausted throughout the day,” she told the outlet, “But I just thought it was being a new mom and being up all the time with a baby and just nonstop with a newborn.”

Heather added that the “hardest part” of her diagnosis was having to get bloodwork done every 10 days. Now, she is starting to feel better thanks in part to medical attention, a prescription of Synthroid, and lifestyle changes including cutting gluten and soy out of her diet.

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