Heather El Moussa Harps on Claims Made About Her Kids

Heather El Moussa

Heavy/Getty HGTV star Heather El Moussa weighed in on speculation that she favors her infant son over her two stepchildren.

Heather El Moussa is putting her foot down. The Netflix-turned-HGTV personality addressed accusations that she favors her infant son, 4-month-old Tristan, over her two stepchildren, 12-year-old Taylor and 7-year-old Brayden.

El Moussa, 35, told Today.com that whenever she posts a picture of her baby, social media users want to know about the older children. The real estate agent told Today.com that people online say things like, “Where are the other children? Haven’t seen them on your stories lately?”

The “Selling Sunset” star told the publication that it’s easier for her to take pictures of her baby than her stepchildren, who are Tarek El Moussa’s children from his marriage to his ex-wife, fellow HGTV star Christina Hall.

“Taylor and Brayden are in school all day, and I’m home with Tristan. I can capture moments with Tristan easily,” the TV personality old Today.com.

She told Today.com that Hall, 39, and Tarek El Moussa, 41, have a 50/50 custody agreement, so that makes it possible for her to spend more time with the baby than Taylor and Brayden.

El Moussa said the older kids also have other activities.

“They’re also busy with sports and tutoring— they always have something going on. I blink and it’s 8 o’clock at night,” she told Today.com. “So when we’re all together, the last thing I’m doing is standing around taking photos with all three kids.”

Taylor, who is a preteen now, doesn’t always want her pictures on social media, El Moussa told the publication.

“She’s a teenager now and she’ll be like, ‘I don’t love my hair in that picture,’ ‘Please don’t post that one,’” the real estate agent told the outlet.

El Moussa has been a part of “Selling Sunset” since it debuted on Netflix in 2019. She and Tarek El Moussa began dating in July 2019 and tied the knot in October 2021, per People. The Netflix star announced her pregnancy in July 2022 and in January 2023 they welcomed their first child, as noted by People.

The El Moussas got their own reality TV show on HGTV, called “Flipping El Moussas,” which aired from March to April.

El Moussa Was Called ‘The Best Mom’

El Moussa invited Taylor to her baby shower, which was filmed for “Selling Sunset,” and the 12-year-old asked to give a mini-speech at the event.

“I’ve known you for four years now. I just want to say you’re the best mom ever, and I couldn’t have asked for anyone else,” Taylor said at the event, which was documented during episode 10, season 6 of “Selling Sunset,” as noted by Entertainment Tonight Online.

Taylor said during the episode that she was “so excited for the baby.”

“My dad’s so lucky,” she continued, according to ET Online. “You’re way out of his league.”

El Moussa Loves Being a ‘Bonus Mom’

The “Selling Sunset” star referred to herself as a “bonus mom” in a July 2021 Instagram post, three months before she and her husband got married.

“Never knew what it was like to feel this much love and joy before these babies came into my life,” she wrote. “Being a bonus mom has been the biggest blessing.”

“I can’t even picture my life without them now!” El Moussa wrote, referring to Taylor and Brayden. “They’re our number one priority no matter what and I really don’t think there’s anything more special than seeing two kids grow up and blossom into who they’re supposed to be.”

Season 6 of “Selling Sunset” is currently streaming on Netflix.

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