HGTV’s Egypt Sherrod & Mike Jackson Announce New Podcast

Mike Jackson and Egypt Sherrod are hosting the new "Marriage and Money Podcast"

Egypt & Mike / YouTube Mike Jackson and Egypt Sherrod are hosting the new "Marriage and Money Podcast"

The new year is almost upon us, and with it comes an exciting new project for two fan-favorite HGTV hosts. Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson, hosts of “Married to Real Estate”, shared a big announcement with fans this week on Instagram when they revealed that they are coming out with a new podcast, called “Marriage and Money Podcast”, which will premiere in the new year, in both an audio and video format.

The podcast is set to release its debut episode on Tuesday, January 3, with future episodes airing on subsequent Tuesdays.

According to their YouTube channel, “Marriage and Money Podcast” is a “new weekly podcast full of humorous stories, valuable life hacks, honest & meaty marriage dilemmas, and wealth and legacy-building knowledge from today’s favorite celebrities.”

See the trailer for the “Marriage and Money Podcast” below.

Egypt Sherrod & Mike Jackson Talk With Couples on ‘Marriage & Money Podcast’

Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson are both very excited about this new venture and expressed why they are the right people for the job in the trailer for “Marriage and Money Podcast”, which will cover topics including business, money, relationships, therapy, and parenting.

“We can use this as a platform to be able to speak to other people as a couple that has experience and has something to say,” Jackson said.

“We’re a mom and pop. We run not one, but three businesses together. We have three girls, three children, but we are just two people who have been together 18 years, and we choose every day to stay married,” Sherrod added.

The trailer shows them interviewing couples, sharing stories of their own, and offering advice and words of wisdom throughout.

Fans are thrilled to see Sherrod and Jackson getting a podcast, with one fan writing, “ATL’s Power Couple strikes again! Love the podcast and 2023 is going to be off the chain baby #Health & #Wealth” on Jackson’s Instagram announcement, and another writing, “Ooooh looks great and it’s so needed!! Real couples, real love stories! Congrats” on Sherrod’s post with the trailer.

‘Married to Real Estate’ Returns in January

In addition to their brand new podcast, Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson will be back on television screens in early 2023 as well. Season two of their fan-favorite show “Married to Real Estate” premieres on HGTV on Thursday, January 12, 2023, at 9 pm Eastern. It will also be available for streaming on discovery+ after the premiere. HGTV confirmed this return date after the couple accidentally let it slip over social media a few weeks prior to the official announcement.

In the season two premiere announcement, the couple spoke about what it’s like to work so closely together, and how it can have its challenges (which is in part what they’re hoping to address in their new podcast).

“Working with your spouse has its challenges, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world,” Jackson said, “Egypt and I are all in to give families beautiful homes with added value, and it’s our willingness to compromise along the way that makes us a great team both on the job and at home.”

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