VIDEO: Family Mortified by HGTV Hosts’ PDA at Busy Restaurant

Pouring Champagne for Two

Getty A bartender pours two glasses of champagne.

Customers dining at a casual Atlanta restaurant didn’t count on live entertainment, but that’s exactly what they got when Mike Jackson and Egypt Sherrod — co-hosts of HGTV‘s Married To Real Estate — got up from their table for an impromptu slow dance, despite their family’s protests.

On July 10, Jackson posted an Instagram reel from a family meal at HobNob Neighborhood Tavern. In the video, someone sitting at their table captured him getting up from the table, wanting to dance with his wife to the song on the sound system — “Best of Me” by R&B crooner Anthony Hamilton.

In the post’s caption, Jackson wrote, “It was at this moment, my wife, daughters, and nieces wanted to disown me. Keep it fun, keep it sexy, keep it spontaneous” and added a dancing man emoji.

In the video, as Jackson approaches Sherrod, viewers can hear a young person at the table exclaim in feigned horror, “Oh my god, oh my god, we don’t know them!” and another echoes the sentiment. Realizing he wants to dance with her, Sherrod also says, “Oh my god, oh my god” and covers her mouth in embarrassment as she gets up from her chair.

The couple proceeds to slow dance next to their table in the packed restaurant, with Jackson fully engrossed in cuddling with his wife, while relatives at the table grow increasingly squeamish about the public display of affection, repeatedly quipping “I don’t know them, do you?” Sherrod laughs and sways with her husband, and eventually holds up her hands to signal that she’s ready to sit back down. But Jackson wraps his arms around her from behind for a bit more snuggling.

From their make-shift dance floor, Sherrod tells the young women watching that after almost 20 years of marriage, they have to take advantage of small moments for romance. She then turns to Jackson and says, “Ok, babe. You better not post this!”

Fans Flip for Couple’s Public Displays of Affection

While young family members may have been mortified by the slow dance, the couple’s fans loved it. In fact, fans tend to adore any social media videos the couple posts of themselves playing, flirting, and working together.

In the comment section, one woman wrote, “I smiled the whole time I watched! I love y’all!!!”

Another said, “Y’all are such an amazing example of what strong, healthy, vibrant marriage looks like. Y’all set such a great example to us single people out here. Keep going! Keep setting that bar high!”

The “Married to Real Estate” co-hosts intend to keep sharing their relationship via social media. On July 11, Sherrod posted a new Instagram video of the pair playing basketball during a break on-set; as the two compete for a massage, she jokingly gets on to Jackson for repeatedly touching her butt.

Among the hundreds of comments that post received, fellow HGTV host Page Turner wrote, “Love this! Ya’all are so cute!!” followed by a red heart emoji.

Sherrod & Jackson First Made TV Magic Together on ‘Rock The Block’

Real estate expert and designer Sherrod is no stranger to HGTV; she began hosting “Property Virgins” in 2007 and Jackson — a builder and celebrity DJ — worked on her projects behind the scenes with occasional guest appearances. But during the pandemic, when the couple was in lockdown along with the rest of the world, they were both cast as blind judges for the second season of “Rock the Block.” They found that they enjoyed working together on-air so much, according to HGTV, that they began filming their family’s “shenanigans” at home, eventually deciding to pitch a show to the network.

“Married to Real Estate” debuted in January 2022 with solid ratings during its eight-week run. In a statement, HGTV Senior Vice President of Programming and Development Betsy Ayala said, “Egypt and Mike manage to stay cool under pressure and successfully juggle kids and clients, all while keeping their relationship at the forefront. We can’t get enough of them.” For that reason, HGTV renewed the show for a second season, ordering 12 episodes to begin airing in early 2023.

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