Will ‘Home Town Takeover’ Return for Season 2?

'Home Town: Takeover' stars Ben and Erin Napier

HGTV Ben and Erin Napier in Wetumpka, Alabama, for their HGTV show, "Home Town Takeover."

Any fans hoping for a second season of HGTV’s “Home Town Takeover” are in for a possibly long wait. Series star Erin Napier got candid about balancing the show with her young family.

On June 10, a fan took to Twitter to ask the graphic designer if a possible “follow up show” was in the future. Napier responded, “i’ll be honest, the takeover life is not all that simpatico with family life. it was an amazing adventure for us, but likely the only one like it until (maybe) our girls are much older.”

Napier and her husband, Ben, are parents to two young daughters — three-year-old Helen and newborn Mae. They have made no secret that they are prioritizing time with their children.

“There’s a lot of demand and requests for how much can we do, how much can we handle, what all can you pile on your plate,” Napier said on At Home with Linda & Drew Scott. “And we’re very good at saying no because Helen is more important. And it makes it very easy, yeah like, if we say yes to this, we’re saying no to time with her and she’s only going to be little for a little while.”

For their hit show “Home Town,” the Napiers typically renovate houses in their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi. But the six-episode spinoff saw the couple head to Wetumpka, Alabama, for “a town-wide renovation that brings back hope to a community,” according to the official show description.

‘Home Town Takeover’ Was a Hit

“Home Town Takeover” was a success, according to Deadline. The outlet reported the show was “a big hit, delivering strong ratings across several key demos.”

On the June 15 episode of At Home with Linda & Drew Scott, the couple explained that they reached out to people already doing work in the southern town to identify “12 nerve-centers we thought would make the biggest impact once we left.” As Napier told the “Property Brothers” star and his wife, “I’m glad we were able to do it in a year that really needed some hope.”

And it seems they had a positive influence. While time will tell the show’s long-term impact, WSFA’s interview with resident Marilee Tankersley pointed at increased interest in the area.

Home Town Takeover was about something much bigger than ratings, which is only one measure of success,” Deadline quoted HGTV President Jane Latman. “We also affirmed so much of what Ben and Erin Napier stand for, including the potential and resilience of small towns and a belief that committed neighbors, working together, can rebuild and improve their community. Today’s booming Wetumpka, with its thriving shops, restaurants, farmers market, restored homes and ever-increasing tourism, is proof positive that we changed the lives of a lot of people forever.”

’Home Town Takeover’ Production Was Delayed

However, the Napiers revealed to the Scotts that filming did not go as originally planned. The series was supposed to shoot before production began on season five of “Home Town.”

“We were supposed to wrap and then do Takeover and then do season five,” Napier said on At Home with Linda & Drew Scott. “And it wasn’t going to be so hard. It was going to be spread out across a year. Anyway, we did Takeover, season five and Ben’s Workshop, his new discovery+ show, all at the same time, while I was pregnant during a pandemic.”

With filming wrapped on recent seasons of their shows, the Napiers are enjoying time at home with their newly expanded family.

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