Hidden Camera Captures Host’s Meltdown: ‘Yelling, Crying … Probably Blacked Out’

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Fans of HGTV star Mina Starsiak Hawk love how feisty and funny the home renovation specialist is on “Good Bones,” which she’s co-hosted with her mom, Karen E. Laine, for seven seasons.

But according to the redheaded rehabber, viewers might not like what they see in her upcoming solo spinoff series, “Good Bones: Risky Business.” The stakes are high and so is the tension, causing her to be more real and raw on camera than ever before. The six-episode series, which debuts on HGTV and Discovery+ September 6, has been described as having a “‘Cops’-like” feel, with cameras capturing every ounce of action — whether the host likes it or not.

As crews chronicled Starsiak Hawk’s biggest home renovation yet, they kept filming through major setbacks, big disagreements, and much to her dismay, an epic meltdown.

HGTV Host Tried to Speed Away From Cameras

Mina Starsiak Hawk

YouTubeHGTV’s Mina Starsiak Hawk on “The Jason Show,” March 2022.

After completing more than 100 home renovations since “Good Bones” began in 2016, Starsiak Hawk told Inside Indiana Business on August 7 that nothing compares to the financial investment, emotional drama and physical strain of the project featured in the new series.

On a typical episode of “Good Bones,” she said, the renovation budget is around $300,000 for a home that’s 1,200 to 1,400 square feet. But the “Risky Business” series follows her taking on a massive home in the Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis, with 6,700 square feet and a budget that ballooned to over $1.2 million.

“Terrible decision, terrible investment,” she said, revealing that the project’s taken 14 months instead of the four they originally expected. “Everybody is very unhappy about that.”

However, Starsiak Hawk said she hopes the “emotionally tumultuous” project will make for good TV and give viewers a more realistic view of the ups and downs that come with such a huge renovation — including her massive meltdown.

Starsiak Hawk told Inside Indiana Business that she lost her cool as she was filming some “driving shots” in her car. Something happened with the project, which she didn’t specify, and “the bottom fell out,” she said.

“I was like, ‘Turn the camera off!'” she recalled. “I drove away so I was outside the range of the mic, and lost it. Crying, yelling, I mean — everything. I probably blacked out.”

After she eventually regained her composure and returned to the set, she realized there was a camera in the backseat that she’d totally forgotten about. “So it’s all on camera,” she said, adding that the production crew was “so happy with themselves.”

Starsiak Hawk could probably convince producers to edit out her explosion, given that she’s an executive producer on the show, but she said she trusts the team and knows she signed up for a “no holds barred” show, giving them access to everything, good and bad.

She won’t see the show until it airs but thinks “it’ll be really cool when it’s all put together.”

Season 7 of ‘Good Bones’ Will Require a Mid-Season Pause

While you wait to witness all the drama of the spinoff series, there’s drama of a different kind on season 7 of “Good Bones,” which kicked off July 12. This season, the series showcases the mom-and-daughter duo’s ability to manage renovation projects through the pandemic.

“It’s been incredibly challenging with just so much stuff from the pandemic, really,” Starsiak Hawk admitted to HGTV. “Early on, it wasn’t really affecting us (but then) there was that domino effect along the whole production line of all the materials, and we just really, really have felt it.”

In fact, renovations weren’t even complete on all of their projects when the new season started airing. So the first eight episodes will air before going on a mid-season pause, as the team works to wrap up the remaining six houses. Those episodes will then premiere in fall 2022.

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