HGTV Host ‘Seriously Injured’ During Home Update

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Just three weeks before her new HGTV show is set to premiere, Galey Alix has been sidelined by a serious injury. Concerned that her condition will impede plans to finish filming the series, the 29-year-old social media sensation has been sharing details of her injury and slow recovery with fans via her Instagram Stories over the last week.

Alix is a Wall Street executive during the week and a sought-after interior designer on the weekends with millions of social media followers tracking her home improvements. She shared on March 23, 2023, that she hurt herself while trying to move a heavy piece of furniture on her own.

“I pretty seriously injured my chest cavity (as in, inside my lungs) Sunday night while trying to move a super heavy table solo,” she shared in her Instagram Story. “I haven’t been able to move (or sleep) since the injury because the pain is so intense.”

Galey Alix Diagnosed With Costochronditis

After revealing her injury on March 23, Alix shared some of the direct messages followers had sent in response. When multiple followers told her it sounded like she had costochondritis, Alix replied, “This is EXACTLY what I have.”

“If you’ve ever experienced this, you know how bad it is,” she wrote. “So excited to heal so I can function again.”

According to Mayo Clinic, costochronditis is an “inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the breastbone” or sternum. Pain from costochondritis can cause a person to think they’re having a heart attack or suffering from other heart conditions, per Mayo Clinic.

In another Story on March 24, Alix wrote, “Wild how many people are messaging me they’ve had Costochondritis too! It’s actually nice to know this isn’t a super rare thing, but I HATE that you’ve experienced this pain too. Honestly this is the most physically painful thing I’ve ever had to deal with.”

Another fan told her “I had that once it’s absolutely debilitating. I thought maybe I was having a heart attack.”

Alix responded, “I am going through that right now. Feels like I imagine a heart attack would. and just breathing makes you want to cry, but you can’t because that will hurt even more.”

She told another follower who recalled having the condition, “I’m so sorry you’ve experienced it too! It’s literally the worst pain I’ve ever gone through!”

Alix also post a message to fans titled “What you can learn from my mistake.” She wrote, “DO NOT TRY TO LIFT HEAVY ASS FURNITURE BY YOURSELF. Yes, EVEN IF YOU ARE SUPER HEAD STRONG. IT IS OKAY TO WAIT AND HAVE SOMEONE HELP YOU! Otherwise you might get this same injury and seriously regret it.”

Galey Alix Concerned She Won’t Be Able to Film Last Episode of Series

Galey Alix

HGTVGaley Alix of HGTV’s new series “Home in a Heartbeat with Galey Alix”

Alix has expressed concern she won’t be healed in time to film the last show of her new HGTV series, “Home in a Heartbeat with Galey Alix,” which is fast-paced and intense, given that she and her team redesigns spaces in a weekend.

“I have my last install to film for season one in less than 2 weeks SO I’M VERY NERVOUS,” she wrote in another Story. “How does one film an install when they can’t move around or use their arms? Thanks for such kind & healing messages. Ily!”

On March 24, Alix shared a photo of herself holding an ice pack to her chest and shared that she was “alternating hot and cold compresses” for slight relief.

“Also staying upright & NEVER laying down (even at night) keeps the most painful episodes at bay,” she wrote.

Over the weekend, Alix did manage to get to a bookstore and flower nursery with members of her team who carried items for her. She wrote that she’s coming up with ways to have them handle most aspects of her home projects for now, with her simply directing them on what she needs and where to place items. For instance, she took photos of plants at the nursery so that when they need them for decorating the space, she can just circle the ones she needs and a team member can go purchase them.

According to Mayo Clinic, recovery from costochronditis can take “several weeks or more.”

“Home in a Heartbeat with Galey Alix” is scheduled to premiere on April 19 at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

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