INTERVIEW: Ken & Anita Corsini Talk ‘Flipping Showdown’ With Heavy

Anita and Ken Corsini


Ken & Anita Corsini sat down with Heavy this week to talk about their new HGTV reality competition series “Flipping Showdown,” which premieres on Wednesday, November 17, 2021. The Corsinis became HGTV fan favorites with their first series for the network, “Flip or Flop Atlanta.”

Now, the couple is excited for audiences to watch “Flipping Showdown” and predict that the show will leave fans wanting more. “Flipping Showdown” features three teams of house flippers competing against each other for a chance to win a cash prize of $100,000 and their own house flipping franchise through Anita and Ken Corsini’s very successful company Red Barn Homes.

Here’s what you need to know:

Anita & Ken Corsini Collaborated With HGTV on ‘Flipping Showdown’

When Heavy sat down with Ken & Anita Corsini to talk all things “Flipping Showdown,” we had one burning question we needed answered.

Heavy: How did “Flipping Showcase” come to be? Was it your idea or HGTV’s?

Ken Corsini: That’s a good question. It was actually both of ours. We had been thinking about new show concepts at the same time as HGTV was looking for a fresh take on a competition series.

Anita Corsini: We flushed it out together, hoping to turn it into the next franchise.

‘Big Brother’s’ Casting Director Cast the Teams of House Flippers

Heavy: So, how did you choose the teams to compete on “Flipping Showdown?”

Ken & Anita Corsini: The production company for “Flipping Showdown” did the casting and they looked at a lot of people — a lot a lot of people. It’s the same casting company that we worked with on “Flip or Flop Atlanta.” It’s also the company that casts “Big Brother,” so they are skilled at sifting through a ton of people to find just the right people. The three teams on “Flipping Showdown” are so incredibly talented and full of personality. It will be fascinating to see who viewers are drawn to and why.

‘Flipping Showdown’ Will Leave Viewers Wanting More

We asked Anita & Ken Corsini what they could tell us about “Flipping Showdown” in terms of spoilers or moments to look out for. Their excitement and enthusiasm for this show and the process they went through with the teams were incredibly infectious. Below is a basic transcript of what was said.

In answer to our question about any particular moment to look for, Ken and Anita Corsini said that there were literally hundreds of hours of content and until the final product comes out, they don’t know what made the episodes or what will end up on the cutting room floor.

The couple also said that “Flipping Showdown” is a mix of a number of different competition shows. They said it is part “Amazing Race,” part “The Apprentice,” part “Shark Tank” and part “Flip or Flop.”

Anita said, “It’s art and people should tune in from the beginning to follow along.” She also said the environment of the competition was a pressure cooker and very challenging and what the audience is going to see are real emotion and real tears.

Ken said, “The show is the ultimate job interview and a serious test of the teams’ skills — with cameras following them around that they aren’t used to which adds to the pressure-cooker atmosphere of the show.”

Anita said, “What makes ‘Flipping Showdown’ unique is that there is so much happening in each episode. In most home renovation competition shows viewers see the teams do the kitchen one week and another room on another episode. On ‘Flipping Showdown,’ the three teams renovate three full houses from top to bottom by the end of the second episode.”

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