Fans Sympathize With Jasmine Roth’s ‘Relatable’ Struggle

Jasmine Roth

HGTV / YouTube Jasmine Roth

HGTV star Jasmine Roth has been very busy this Summer, calling August 2023 “the busiest month of our lives” for her and her husband Brett Roth. Now, after celebrating their 10-year wedding anniversary on September 7, Jasmine and Brett are winding down with a “Honeymoon 2.0” vacation, as Jasmine shared in a September 19 Instagram post.

A few days into the pair’s trip to Sicily, Jasmine shared a confession with her fans and social media followers on September 22.

“This may come as a surprise, but I suck at relaxing. ☺️ A big part of building my happy is coming to terms with this and reminding myself that for me, it takes a bit more of a ‘shock to the system’ to relax and sometimes, that needs to happen,” Roth wrote in her post’s caption.

Jasmine Roth is Trying to Let Herself Relax on Vacation

Despite her struggles to fully let go and relax, Jasmine shared that so far she is warming up to the vacation after getting the “shock to the system” she needed. As she continued in her caption, Jasmine wrote, “In this case, a 12 hr flight, a week-long schedule of childcare for a toddler, a Sicilian beach club, a kiss at sunset, a beautiful dinner…it’s working! Going to try to keep this feeling going.”

Fans shared in Jasmine’s uneasy feelings about relaxation in her post’s comment section, with one follower writing, “I love how you’re such a BIG deal, yet you stay so grounded and relatable! Enjoy!”

“My husband has always said that any vacation needs to be two weeks. It takes the 1st week to remember how to relax and the 2nd is actually relaxing. Hope you can speed up the process! Happy Anniversary! ❤️” another fan commented.

“No surprise, I suck at relaxing as well. My husband asked me once couldn’t I just sit and relax? No, I don’t know how! I’ve be practicing on doing that. Try to clear your mind and enjoy the moments. 😍” a third fan shared.

Roth foreshadowed her possible relaxation struggles in her September 19 post as well, sharing that “the amount of planning it takes to relax makes me wonder if it will be worth it? Yes, right!? Hazel is in great hands with her Nanny from Utah, all of her grandparents, school, and her cousins. But what about us being away from her? Any advice? Either way, ready or not…Europe here we come!”

Jasmine Roth Celebrated Her 39th Birthday

Not only is Jasmine celebrating her recent anniversary on her vacation, but she is also coming off of celebrating her 39th birthday, which was on September 17.

Jasmine reflected on turning one year older in an Instagram post on her birthday, writing, “today I’m thinking a lot about confidence and about what it means to ‘grow up’. Getting older is something that so many of us fight – our looks, our bodies, our bedtime…but really, isn’t getting older what we’ve always wanted? As I look back on this year, I’ve learned so much and gained some real life confidence that I didn’t know I needed.”

On September 18, Jasmine also shared that she would be holding a giveaway to celebrate her birthday with fans. The 10 giveaway winners will be sent a “fall-inspired” merch bundle including a hat, sweater, mug, crew neck, phone case, and candle from Jasmine’s shop.

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