Jenny Marrs Shares Emotional Reaction to Youngest Son’s Latest Milestone

Jenny and Dave Marrs

HGTV Jenny and Dave Marrs star in HGTV's "Fixer to Fabulous."

In the “blink” of an eye, Jenny and Dave Marrs’ youngest son, Luke, is off to school. Jenny marked the three-year-old’s first day in an Instagram Reel on August 18, 2022.

Jenny’s video montage of Luke’s first day shows him posing for first-day pictures, hugging his siblings and coloring with markers.

“I’ve done this four times before,” the HGTV star captioned her post. “But, this time, I know it’s my last first time walking through the preschool doors with my baby at my side. And, I know that once we step through the doors, he will learn to spread his wings and find his footing in his own little world apart from me.”

Luke has four older siblings. The “Fixer to Fabulous” hosts are also parents to twins Nathan and Ben 12, Sylvie, 10, and Charlotte, 8.

While the day was bittersweet, the “Rock the Block” alum mused about letting her kids flourish.

“It’s inevitable and it’s what we want for them as mommas: to grow and to learn and to discover all the amazing talents they hold inside. And, goodness, what a gift it is to be granted a front row seat as it happens,” she wrote.

“Thankfully, that front row seat has boxes of tissues close by,” she continued. “Because, it’s breathtakingly beautiful to witness but it’s also impossibly hard to let go of their little hand and walk away. It’s truer than true: babies don’t keep.”

Jenny added in the comments, “I cried the whole drive home!”

Jenny and Dave rose to fame on HGTV’s “Fixer to Fabulous,” which spurred the spinoffs “Fixer to Fabulous: Welcome Inn” and “Fixer to Fabulous Holiday Surprise.” Next up, they will join Ben and Erin Napier in season 2 of “Home Town Takeover.”

Jenny Shared Luke’s Favorite Things

In the video, Jenny shared a studious look at her son. With some help, Luke filled out a worksheet on his favorite things.

He lists music as his favorite subject; “Fireman Sam” as his favorite show; playing with trucks as his favorite hobby; blue as his favorite color and yogurt, bananas and apples as his favorite snack.

While it was just the start of preschool, the video provided a peek into what Luke’s future might hold. As he revealed on a worksheet, he wants to be a fireman when he grows up.

Jenny Took Her 5 Kids Back-to-School Shopping

Back-to-school shopping with five kids proved to be a little chaotic in a video Jenny shared in an Instagram Reel on August 12, 2022.

The clip shows her oldest four children checking off their school supply list, while Luke is seen crying over a “Paw Patrol” bicycle and trying to distract one of his sisters.

As she quipped, “Why do they put bikes up front?”

She captioned the video, “It’s like a chaotic (and ridiculously expensive) scavenger hunt with a three year old monster trying to knock the contestants out of the race.”

The 43-year-old added, “But, we survived. And now I need a nap. Or a margarita.”

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