Joanna Gaines Makes Her Mother’s ‘Dream’ Come True

Joanna Gaines

Magnolia Network / YouTube Joanna Gaines

Former HGTV personality Joanna Gaines has helped her mother fulfill a lifelong dream. The Magnolia Network boss has been sharing photos and videos from her extended family’s trip to South Korea over the last few weeks on social media, and on April 12 she shared a post explaining how much the trip means to her and her family, especially her mother.

“For years, my mother has talked about taking her three daughters to Seoul, Korea when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. And for years, that’s all it was—a dream we’d talk about in that ‘maybe, someday’ way we all do when something feels just a little out of reach. But this year, we decided to finally book it, and we convinced 24 members of our family to come with us to visit the place where my mom grew up. We met family we’ve only ever seen pictures of. We saw the cherry blossoms in full bloom. We walked the same streets my mother did as a young girl, and then again as a young woman with my dad’s hand in hers,” Joanna wrote in her post’s caption, “In a lot of ways, this trip felt like coming home. Somehow, connecting with my mom’s past made my own story feel more complete. Feeling grateful for every moment this trip gave us ❤️🇰🇷”.

The post featured a video slideshow of photos and clips from Joanna’s trip, fittingly set to The Cranberries song “Dreams”. See Joanna’s post below.

Inside Joanna Gaines’s Trip to Seoul

Joanna’s post shared an inside look at her family trip. Her family tried on traditional Korean clothing, shared many a meal, and saw the cherry blossoms in bloom as her mother always wanted. They also did a fair deal of shopping while in Korea, went on nature hikes, attended a baseball game, and most importantly met up with family members they had never met face-to-face.

Multiple fans related to Joanna’s post, and commented to let her know their connections to her trip.

“Oh my goodness!! My mother immigrated here from Seoul in 1973 and married my American father. She hasn’t been back since and we are planning a trip for next year. This brought tears to my eyes! ❤️” one fan wrote.

“Awesome. I’m going to Korea this summer and taking my daughter and it will be her first time seeing my mom’s homeland and where I was born. I can’t wait,” another fan commented.

Joanna Gaines Found Her Book in South Korea

One proud moment of the trip for Joanna came when she found a copy of her 2020 children’s book, “The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be”, while at a bookstore in Seoul.

“I wanted my new children’s book to say the very thing that I needed to hear as a kid,” Joanna said when she first announced the book, which tells the story of a group of children who come together to build their own hot air balloons.

Another highlight of the trip, which Joanna gave a dedicated Instagram post on April 8, was when she was able to have her parents Jerry and Nan re-create a photo of the two of themselves standing side-by-side that was originally taken in 1971. Although the location is not the exact same as the original photo, both images are taken from behind and show the couple looking out at the trees surrounding them. Joanna’s mother is Korean, and her father is American of Lebanese and German descent.

“Whoa!!! hold on! 52 YRS OF GRoWiNG together! SPECTACULAR!! That’s love!❤️❤️” one fan commented on this photo.

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