Jonathan & Drew Scott on Which Stars They Want on ‘Celebrity IOU’

Jonathan & Drew Scott

Getty Drew and Jonathan Scott pose together at the 2018 Creative Arts Emmys.

The HGTV series “Celebrity IOU,” gives stars the opportunity to spoil their deserving loved ones through the means of a home makeover. During its two seasons, celebrities like Brad Pitt, Viola Davis, and Melissa McCarthy have appeared on the show, which is hosted by Jonathan and Drew Scott of “Property Brothers” fame.

Drew & Jonathan Discussed Which Stars They Want on Future Seasons of “Celebrity IOU”

During a recent interview on the “HGTV Obsessed” podcast, hosted by Marianne Canada, the television personalities discussed if there were any stars in particular that they want to invite on future seasons of “Celebrity IOU.”

Jonathan first joked that he “want[ed] to reach out to Queen Elizabeth and see if [they] could do Edinburgh castle.” He then revealed that he and Drew are interested in bringing aboard “people from all different walks of life,” such as professional “musicians, athletes, [and] actors.” The HGTV star went on to say that quite a few celebrities have actually inquired about appearing on an episode of the series.

“We get a lot of celebrities who are reaching out to us now and saying, ‘I saw the show, I love this show, I know somebody who really deserves this.’ And so it’s nice that there’s this sort of two way flow of communication,” said Jonathan. 

Drew then revealed that he wanted to work with the Obama family. 

“I would love to do an episode with the Obamas. I think that would be amazing. I mean they give back to so many people already. And they’re just full of love,” explained the home renovator. 

Drew also admitted that he wants to play a game of basketball with former President Barack Obama. Jonathan then chimed in and stated that he believes his brother would be interested in having Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a “Celebrity IOU” guest. Drew agreed with the assumption before Jonathan shared a story about how his co-host’s admiration for the “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” star caused him to have some issues during a photo shoot for their magazine, Reveal. 

“The first issue, Drew’s hanging off the ‘E’ from Reveal and we were like, ‘there’s something funny happening with your arm. Straighten your arm a little,’” said Jonathan. 

Drew then explained that he was “picturing [himself] like the Rock hanging from a helicopter, like an action star, and they were like, ‘it looks really weird.’” 

During the “HGTV Obsessed” interview, Jonathan also discussed that his girlfriend of almost two years, Zooey Deschanel, appeared on season 2, episode 1. Even though she was more than willing to help beautify her long-time friend’s home, she did have one issue with the renovation process. 

“She did it because it was for her friend Sarah but she was like I hate it, I hate the noise,” said Jonathan. 

Jonathan Spoke About His Relationship With Deschanel in a June Interview

While speaking to Extra in June 2021, Jonathan discussed his relationship with Deschanel. He explained that he “love[s] the time that [they] get to spend together.” 

“It makes me not want to be on the road as much because the more time Zooey and I spend together, the better it gets. And so, when we’ve found each other and we fell in love, I’ve never experienced anything like this before, how everything just jibes,” stated the HGTV host.

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