HGTV Star Reveals Surprise Wedding Plans


In March 2021, Jonathan Knight of New Kids on the Block fame joined the HGTV family. The former real estate investor can be seen rehabilitating American farmhouses on the series, “Farmhouse Fixer.” While this has been an exciting year for Knight, he has experienced some difficulty in his personal life. According to People magazine, the singer intended on marrying his partner of 13 years, Harley Rodriguez, sometime this year. However, the couple had to call off their wedding because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Jonathan Knight Discussed His Wedding Plans in a February Interview

While speaking to People magazine in February, Knight explained that he envisioned his ceremony to be held at his Massachusetts property.

“We were going to get married on the farm this year under a tent and then have the ceremony in our barn. We had everything lined up: the caterers, the entertainment. We were going to get married under candlelight. And then that all just stopped,” said the 52-year-old. 

He clarified that COVID-19 has not deterred him from wanting to marry Rodriguez. However, the couple has discussed forgoing a traditional wedding ceremony.  

“We’re on the fence if we just go elope,” revealed Knight. 

He went on to say that they may also “wait it out a couple more years and have a really good celebration with [their] families.”

The Couple Has Been Engaged for 5 Years

Knight and Rodriguez have been engaged for five years. During a 2016 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Knight revealed that he decided to get engaged after he saw his partner doing something potentially dangerous. The HGTV personality explained that they had taken a trip to Africa and they were “walking around Victoria Falls.” 

“There’s this thing called Devil’s Pools. It’s ridiculous — you walk to the edge of a waterfall and then it drops straight down and it just didn’t make any sense to me, so I didn’t do it, but Harley did. In the back of my mind I’m like, ‘If he’s hanging off a waterfall, I could frickin’ lose him! It’s time to do it,'” said Knight.

Thankfully, the singer had the ring he was going to propose with on hand. He ended up asking Rodriguez, who is a personal trainer, to marry him while they were “eating dinner” with their mothers, close to Victoria Falls. Knight told the publication: 

We were talking to our mothers, toasting cool life things that were coming up and I went, ‘Well, I have another pretty cool life event coming up.’ Harley looked at me and was like, ‘What? What are you talking about?’

According to Knight, his proposal to Rodriguez was met with “an immediate ‘Yes!'” During the interview, the television personality also discussed his “dream wedding.” He explained that he “prefer[s] small, intimate weddings where you can just be with family and friends.” He also revealed that he wanted the reception to be “in a field with tables, candelabras and live chickens running underneath the tables.” However, Rodriguez did not agree that poultry should be loose during their wedding, asserting that the birds would “freak people out.” 

While they may not share the same beliefs about whether or not chickens should be at their wedding, the couple seems to be incredibly compatible. In a 2015 People magazine interview, Knight talked about how his relationship with Rodriguez has improved his life.

“Being in a relationship grounds you. You feel a sense of home. And we have our future to look forward to. Life definitely changes when you settle down and you have a goal between two people. That helps keep me focused,” said the New Kids on the Block member.

To see more of Knight, check out the first season of “Farmhouse Fixer,” available to stream on Discovery +. 

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