HGTV Unveils New Details About Jonathan Knight’s New Series

Jonathan Knight

Heavy/HGTV Jonathan Knight

HGTV announced that Jonathan Knight had landed a “Farmhouse Fixer” spinoff miniseries, set to air in 2024, in December 2023. Now, the network is sharing more information about the spinoff, titled “Farmhouse Fixer: Camp Revamp”.

According to the network’s latest release on May 20, the 4-episode series will premiere on the network on Tuesday, June 18, at 9 p.m. Eastern. The new show will follow Knight as he buys an abandoned lakeside campground and turns it into a hot New England vacation spot.

While the network has yet to confirm if Kristina Crestin, Knight’s go-to designer on “Farmhouse Fixer”, will be featured in the new series, however fans will get to see Knight get the support of his husband, Harley, and brother/New Kids on the Block bandmate Jordan during the show’s run.

Fans Can’t Wait for Jonathan Knight’s New Spinoff

In the network’s press release, Knight shared his excitement about the new project with fans. “I’m taking a huge risk to pursue a dream I’ve been chasing,” he said. “These types of properties are rare. And this is the one. It’s now or never and it’s all on me. My money, my designs, my problems. But the reward… that’s all mine, too.” 

The network shared the news of Knight’s premiere date in a May 20 post, and fans flocked to the comment section to share in Knight’s excitement about the new project.


“These last couple years have been the most laid back and happy I’ve ever seen Jon. It makes ME happy seeing him thriving and doing what he loves! 🥹,” one fan wrote.

“Wait, why is this actually gonna be so cool?? I’m definitely trying to vacation here!” another user added.

“This is the part of the season trailer I was waiting for! And I know Jon will slay this project too. It’ll be a magic summer to see the results, indeed. 😉,” a third fan commented.

“I am so excited. This will help with the pain of ‘Farmhouse Fixer’ ending for the season,” a fourth user shared, referring to the season of “Farmhouse Fixer” which is currently airing Tuesdays at 9 p.m. Eastern, until the “Camp Revamp” premiere date.

According to the network, the first episode of “Camp Revamp” will see Knight bring his family to the new campground to evoke memories of their childhood summers. The fun only lasts a short while, however, as they soon uncover foundation issues and pests that drive up the planned budget for the project.

Kristina Crestin Looks Back at a Big Undertaking

While Crestin’s role in the new show is not confirmed, she has been sharing behind-the-scenes moments from the currently airing “Farmhouse Fixer” season, including a look at the gallery wall that she included in the “Island Lighthouse Renovation” from the May 14 episode of the series.

The episode noted that the gallery wall included 25 framed art pieces when Crestin was done, however the star revealed that it was a much bigger project than she initially expected.

“So I sort of kicked myself when I came up with the grand idea of a gallery wall. Sometimes you need to be careful when you say ‘wouldn’t it be nice’…. ” Crestin wrote in a May 15 Instagram post. “A gallery wall seemed like a great idea. Till I had to figure out how to do it! This season I brought in @jamirenaemorales to work with me on art since it was such a beast this year to get done. Jami spent days finding copyright free art that would work style wise.”

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