Jonathan Scott Reveals Heartbreaking Loss

Jonathan Scott

Getty HGTV's Jonathan Scott in 2019

After celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends and his newly renovated Los Angeles home, HGTV‘s Jonathan Scott ended the holiday weekend in grief, revealing on Sunday that he’d just lost his dog, Stewie, who’s been his steadfast companion since before the “Property Brothers” began. Here’s what you need to know…

Jonathan Scott’s Dog Stewie Has Been a Constant Companion For Over 13 Years

On November 28, 2022, Scott posted a series of photos of his Stewie on social media, including many with the tiny Yorkie dressed up in costumes and even to match his famous dad.

“Said goodbye to my sweet Stewie today,” Scott wrote. “He brought joy to my life for over 13 years and that will continue in all our fond memories.” Scott included a broken heart emoji at the end of his post.

As he was rising to fame following the first season of “Property Brothers” with his twin brother Drew airing on HGTV in the U.S. and Canada, Scott told Modern Dog Magazine that little Stewie and his chihuahua Gracie were his contstant companions, traveling with him wherever he went, saying that although he grew up with labs and a 200-pound Rottweiler, his lifestyle required that he have small dogs he could take anywhere.

His first dog was a two-and-a-half-pound Yorkie named Gizmo who was so fragile he didn’t live long, but got Scott hooked on owning small dogs. He got Gracie before Gizmo died, and then added Stewie to the family, saying that he and Gracie “were instantly inseperable.”

Scott said at the time, “At the end of the night, I will come home and the three of us will watch a movie together on the couch. And Drew loves them too. He comes and takes them out all the time.”

Jonathan Scott Found a Fellow Dog Lover in Zooey Deschanel

In 2014, Drew made fun of Jonathan in an HGTV video, laughing about how odd it is for such a big guy to own such tiny dogs, claming the main reason was to pickup women.

“This is totally why he has (them),” Drew said, mocking his brother. “He likes to go to the dog park and what women wouldn’t want to come over and pet those dogs and then he’ll say ‘hey, can I have your number?'”

Jonathan met his match in actress Zooey Deschanel, who also has two small dogs — Dot and Zelda, according to House Beautiful. She adopted the pups, who are sisters, in 2013 and also loves dressing them up, as seen during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

On November 27, 2019 — exactly three years before Stewie’s death — Jonathan declared his love for the actress publicly, posting a collection of photos on social media of his family, his girlfriend and his pups dressed up for the holidays.

He wrote, “I am beyond thankful to be surrounded by such incredibly fun loving people & puppies. You bring joy to my life. I love you #HappyThanksgiving #ThankYouToOurFansToo”

Fans and famous friends flooded Jonathan with condolences on his announcement about Stewie’s death, including “Celebrity IOU” guests Viola Davis and Cindy Crawford.

Social media influencer Meghan McCarthy wrote, “Oh my I’m so so sorry. Stewie was a great man. I’m sure he’s up in heaven playing with my Paris right now.”

Singer Carnie Wilson wrote, “I’m so sorry my friend. Losing pets hurts so much. Their sweetness stays with us forever and ever, though. Sending love to you.”