Lisa Miles, Kris Jenner’s Best Friend: Five Fast Facts

HGTV Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner appear on "Celebrity IOU" to honor close friend Lisa Miles.

Lisa Miles is the best friend of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star Kris Jenner who will be featured in tonight’s premiere of “Celebrity IOU.”

The Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott will be joined by Jenner – along with daughters Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner– to transform Miles’ yard into “a resort-style outdoor oasis,” according to HGTV.

“To start the demo, Kendall will hop on the excavator and Kris will use a jackhammer to tear up the old patio,” according to HGTV’s description of the episode.

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Here’s what you need to know:

1. Miles and Jenner Have Been Friends for More Than 40 Years

Jenner revealed on “Celebrity IOU” that Miles became a “fast friend” 42 years ago. The duo met while Jenner was pregnant with her oldest, Kourtney Kardashian.

When celebrating Miles’ birthday in September 2020, Jenner wrote, “Happy Birthday to my girlfriend of over 40 years!!!!!! We have celebrated so many amazing times together and have shared the most incredible memories… you are the best friend, and mom and grandma to all of us and I love you very much!!! I hope you have a magical year filled with love and peace and so much joy.”

2. Miles Husband and Mother Died

According to HGTV, Miles has suffered recent losses with the death of her husband, identified by IMDb as Jim, and her mother within a year.

Jenner said he developed “a brain disease out of nowhere,” which kicked off a seven-year battle. While it is unclear if it is the same illness, a article revealed Miles believes her proximity to the “toxic” Santa Susana Field Lab could have caused her husband to get sick.

Their deaths were also felt by Jenner. As Miles put it, “Very hard for me and very hard for Kris.”

Jenner told HGTV that she hopes this renovation will “help her heal.”

“The way she, literally, was broken over it, it just made me so sad,” USA Today quoted Jenner. “You can do so much for somebody, but you sometimes can’t heal a broken heart. I just tried to be there for her, and then when this opportunity came up it made me so happy because it was also a great way to try and cheer her up.”

3. Miles Could Not Afford to Tackle the Yard After Renovating Her Home

During her husband’s seven-year battle, Miles relocated to “the city” to be near the necessary doctors and hospitals. Following his death, however, Jenner convinced her to move back and she found a home in Hidden Hills.

HGTV revealed that Miles was renovating her Southern California home but did not have the budget to finish the yard. After the Scott brothers are done, the yard will feature “a stunning stone walkway lined with mature olive trees and her back yard will include a top-of-the-line outdoor kitchen, sitting area with a fireplace and large pool surrounded by lounging furniture.”

“I feel like I’ve been given a gift because I was able to do this for Lisa,” Jenner says in the episode. “She gets to start making new memories and have a fresh start.”

4. Miles Is Known as ‘Auntie Lisa’ to the Kardashian-Jenner Siblings

With more than 40 years of friendship, the Kardashian-Jenner clan revealed Miles was more like family. They told Drew and Jonathan Scott that the famous siblings actually call her “Auntie Lisa.”

During an episode sneak peek from Entertainment Tonight, Jenner revealed, “She was the one who if I had a baby, she was at my house two days later with dinner for everyone.”

Kardashian confirmed the sentiment, saying later in the episode that she has been there throughout their lives.

5. Miles Stays Out of the Spotlight

Despite having a famous friend, Miles has largely remained out of the public eye. Though, she can occasionally be seen in the background at Kardashian-Jenner events.

Miles has made a couple of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” appearances. According to IMDb, she has appeared in two episodes in season four and in their “E! True Hollywood Story.”

“Celebrity IOU” airs on HGTV every Monday at 9 p.m. Eastern or can be streamed on Discovery+.

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