Lyndsay Lamb Shares ‘Unsellable Houses’ Renovations That Don’t Make it On Air

Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis

HGTV / YouTube Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis

HGTV editors often have a hard task ahead of them, turning weeks (and sometimes months) long renovations into hour-long episodes. Nobody knows this better than the hosts who put the weeks and months of work into pulling off the home transformations, including Lyndsay Lamb from “Unsellable Houses”.

In an October 27 Instagram post, Lamb showed fans one renovation that got left out of the final edit. “Ever wonder what rooms look like that don’t get shown on ‘Unsellable Houses’? 🏠” Lamb wrote in her post’s caption.

Fans React to Unseen ‘Unsellable Houses’ Spaces

While the show’s October 22 episode focused on Lamb and her twin sister Leslie Davis’ transformation of their client’s main living area, kitchen, and primary bedroom, Lamb’s Instagram post showed that they worked on every room in the home before putting it on the market.

“This spare room and bathroom did not have their moment on the big screen this week, but I still love how they turned out!! 😍” Lamb added in her caption, “The truth is only some transformations make the Final Cut 🥲 Even if they aren’t filmed, we always touch every room in a house before it hits the market. Whether it is a full renovation 🛠️, a fresh coat of paint 🎨or impactful staging 🛋️, each room is designed to show off its best features to potential buyers!”

Fans were impressed by the twins’ thorough renovations and shared their thoughts in Lamb’s comment section.

“I love this! I figured you do the whole house in some way because you want it to sell. Some of the other redo shows are specific to certain areas. Thanks for sharing!” one fan wrote.

“I wanna crawl in that bed! 😴 And, now, THAT shower tile looks great with the floor tile. Not so much the ombre. Jmho. 😛 I LOVE this bathroom! 😍” another fan commented, sharing that they prefer the bathroom that didn’t make the final episode to the ombre tile pattern the twins added in the primary bathroom.

“True professionals that you are – not leaving any room undone ! 🙌 ❤️” a third fan added.

Lyndsay Lamb & Leslie Davis Have a Chance at Redemption on ‘Rock the Block’

Lamb and Davis’ renovation skills are about to be put to the ultimate test, again. The twins are getting a chance at redemption as they will compete in the fifth season of “Rock the Block” (after losing out on the win in season three of the fan-favorite competition show). HGTV announced that the new season would air in March 2024 and feature four returning teams.

Lamb and Davis will be squaring off with their fellow season three competitors Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas (“Bargain Block”), as well as season four competitors Bryan and Sarah Baeumler (“Renovation Island”, “Battle on the Beach”), and Page Turner and Mitch Glew (“Fix My Flip”).

This season is taking place along the coast of Treasure Island, Florida. The four teams will each have $250,000 and six weeks to add the most value to their identical homes. The winners will receive bragging rights and get to have the street the homes sit on named after them.

“WE’RE BACK & we aren’t leaving without a #twinwin 🛠️ 🏠 🌴” Davis wrote in an October 26 Instagram post.

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