VIDEO: ‘Married to Real Estate’ Cast & Crew Take On Viral Dance Challenge

Egypt Sherrod & Mike Jackson

HGTV / YouTube Egypt Sherrod & Mike Jackson

TikTok has been around for over five years now, and its viral dance challenges are still taking the internet by storm. One of the latest dance trends is a combination of Beyoncé’s summer hit “Cuff It”.

HGTV’s Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson took on the challenge, in a new TikTok video the couple has shared to Instagram, as did seven members of their “Married to Real Estate” filming crew while on set shooting for season 2 of their hit show.

See their video below.

Egypt Sherrod & Mike Jackson Dance to ‘Cuff It’

“WE HAD TO DO IT😉🕺🏽On set of ‘Married to Real Estate’ with our crew enjoying life. Season 2 coming in January. Right in time for #cuffingseason,” Mike Jackson captioned the video, which has over 13,000 likes. “#cuffingseason” refers to the late fall and early winter months when people are more inclined to begin relationships so that they have a partner to “cuff” themselves to during the cold winter months.

The “Rock the Block” champions’ video has been met with praise from fans, who loved seeing the crew get in front of the camera, even if they had a few notes for the crew’s dance moves.

“❤️❤️❤️ My man in the middle tried his best 🤣🤣Looking forward to Season 2. Can’t wait!!” one fan wrote.

“I spy one person who needs a ‘liiiitttle’ more practice. 😂” another fan joked.

“Ole boy in the blue shirt squiggling all over the place. Couldn’t find the beat if it was in the palm of his hand. 🤣🤣🤣 Poor baby,” another fan added.

Overall, fans enjoyed seeing the crew try their best at the dance and having fun between takes on set. Many also praised the crew member to the right of the video for doing the dance challenge while holding camera equipment in his hands.

Sherrod went on to try the challenge again, posting another TikTok to Instagram. This time, the host replaced her filming crew with a group of her friends, all holding their children in their arms while doing the dance. Sherrod wrote in a caption on the video, “Moms can cuff it up too!!! #cuffitupchallenge”. “Rock the Block” host Ty Pennington added a fire emoji in the comments section of Sherrod’s new video as well.

When is ‘Married to Real Estate’ Coming Back?

While the season 2 premiere date of “Married to Real Estate” has not yet been announced, fans are eagerly awaiting new episodes of the hit show, which is clearly in production, per the couple’s dance post. HGTV announced in June 2022 that new episodes would be on the way in early 2023, and with season 1 premiering in January 2022 on HGTV and discovery+, there could be a similar timeline for the sophomore season.

Season 1 saw real estate broker and designer Egypt Sherrod work with her husband, builder Mike Jackson, to buy and renovate homes in the Atlanta area with their clients. According to HGTV, the two also “juggled booming property businesses, managed a home, and raised three daughters”.

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