Mike Holmes & His Kids Team up on New HGTV Show ‘Holmes Family Rescue’

Holmes Family Rescue


Mike Holmes is a Canadian contractor best known for his long-running show “Holmes on Homes.” Now, he’s just announced his new HGTV show “Holmes Family Rescue.” He’s teaming up with his son Michael and daughter Sherry to fix problems caused by bad renovations and shoddy construction.

“Holmes Family Rescue” is similar to Mike Holmes’ original show “Holmes on Homes,” in that it also helps fix bad renovations. “Holmes on Homes” took place in Toronto, Ontario and debuted on HGTV Canada in 2003 and ran until 2008, per Holmes’ website.

“Holmes Family Rescue” debuts on HGTV on December 4, 2021, Holmes revealed on Facebook.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Holmes Family Is Rescuing Homeowners From Botched Renovations

We all watch enough HGTV to know that sometimes the best planned home renovations just go totally wrong. Whether that is because of unanticipated issues or because the contractor was not up to snuff or any other of the many reasons a renovation can go wrong — it is always inconvenient and heartbreaking for the homeowners.

Master contractor Mike Holmes and his children Michael and Sherry are debuting a new show on HGTV in which they #MakeItRight (Holmes’ personal tag line) for homeowners who’ve been subjected to home renovations gone wrong. Officially, the press release from HGTV’s parent company Discovery describes the show as “Mike Holmes will carry on his personal mission to “make it right” for homeowners who have fallen victim to careless or dishonest contractors in the new HGTV series ‘Holmes Family Rescue.'”

Holmes posted about his new show on Facebook, writing, “These projects were very special to me and my crew. We laughed, we cried, we dealt with material and labor shortages. We changed the way we filmed because of the pandemic.  We tore down walls. We tested indoor air quality and repaired structural issues. We fixed dangerous electrical work done by unlicensed contractors. Most importantly, we helped people who had no one else to turn to. What an honor to be trusted to make their houses a home again.”

Mike Holmes Also Has a Holiday Special Debuting in December

Mike Holmes and his children Sherry and Michael also have a holiday special called “Holmes for the Holidays.” The one-hour special will debut on Saturday, December 18, 2021 at 8 pm on HGTV.

Mike, Michael and Sherry team up with their spouses to decorate their houses for the holidays in a bid to be named the most festive Holmes home. The press release from Discovery said, “They’ll create the most over-the-top light displays, ice sculptures and gingerbread houses—with Mike’s uncle, Billy Bell, deciding the ultimate winner. The Holmes family also will share holiday safety tips and give back to the community in meaningful ways throughout the special.”

If the name “Holmes for the Holidays” sounds familiar to you there’s a good reason. It’s also the name of a book of Sherlock Holmes stories that was published in 1996. Amazon describes the book, “Master sleuth Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick, Dr. Watson, return in a collection of fourteen original stories, all set during the Christmas holiday season.”

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