Why Mina Starsiak Hawk & Karen Laine Had a Complicated Relationship

Karen and Mina

YouTube Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk in "Good Bones."

For the past five years, Mina Starsiak Hawk and her mother, Karen Laine, have shown off their incredible home rehabilitation skills on the series “Good Bones.” The home renovation show is popular for several reasons, like Hawk and Laine’s charming rapport. During a recent interview on the “At Home with Linda & Drew Scott” podcast, hosted by “Property Brothers” star Drew Scott and his wife, Linda Phan, Hawk shared that she and her mother have not always gotten along.

Mina Starsiak Hawk Discussed Her Childhood on the ‘At Home With Linda & Drew Scott’ Podcast

During the “At Home with Linda & Drew Scott” interview, the mother-of-two revealed that Laine and her father divorced when she was a young child. Hawk then shared that she disliked her mother’s second husband, who she described as “not a pleasant man.” She explained that due to the fact she “didn’t have a healthy relationship with him,” she “stopped going on visitation.”

“I didn’t see her for a while because I took issue with her husband. I was probably 10ish, so that was the first of a period of kind of like ups and downs in our relationships. But my brothers, you know, they’re boys, it’s just different, but they always kept going,” explained the HGTV star.

The famed home renovator noted she “ended up going again” to see her mother, following her divorce from “her second husband, Randy, which is [her] sister’s dad.” Hawk went on to say that her mother “married a really nice gentleman who’s a judge” after her second divorce. She noted that while this was a “stabilizing time” in her mother’s life, she “lived with [her] dad.” She explained during that period of time, she viewed her mother as a friend, rather than a parental figure.

“I’d have a party and get into trouble and my mom would pick my friends and me up and talk to the cops, whatever… So she was kind of like the fun parent in high school,” said Hawk.

The 36-year-old then shared that her “dad took a job out of state towards the very, very end of [her] junior year in high school,” which caused her to have a riff with her mother.

“When he moved my mom tried to get custody of me,” said Hawk. “Because she didn’t think it was the best decision making process, which at the time, probably didn’t see it — I’m sure she thought she was doing the best thing, but because of where our relationship was I kind of felt like, you know, you’ve not really been a mom. Like I’m about to turn 18 and you’re trying to mom me now. She actually took him to court to fight for custody of her 17-year-old daughter and then I turned 18 and pretty much was like peace. What are you going to do about it.”

She noted that following the custody battle she and Laine “actually didn’t talk for a couple years” and she “stayed at [her] dad’s house.”

Hawk Spoke About Her Family During a February 2021 Live Stream

Hawk spoke about her family during a February 2021 live stream with LiveSigning, where she promoted her children’s book, “Built Together.” During the live stream, she noted that her upbringing influenced the book’s conception, which showcases different types of families.

“My parents have both been married a bunch of times. I’ve had step siblings that have married in and then have a married out so like I used to have a step brother. I don’t anymore,” said Hawk. “So just this whole idea that like it’s not, you know, the mom, dad, two kids, traditional family anymore and you can build your family however works for you just like how you could build your house, however works for you.”

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rayy abdul
rayy abdul
9 months ago

She talks so matured. And she xould know right or wrong from parental side.

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