‘Going By So Fast’: Mina Starsiak Hawk Shares Photos of Kids Jack & Charlie

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HGTV host Mina Starsiak Hawk is asking life to slow down. The designer and “Home Town” host recently took to Instagram to share a collection of photos of her two children, 4-year-old son Jack and 2-year-old daughter Charlie.

“So many cute photos that didn’t make it into a story last week and just NEED to exist here 🤍. It’s all going by so fast. It’s a blur. I need life to slow down….. I need to slow down. Deeps thoughts by Mina,” Starsiak Hawk captioned the photo, before calling on her followers to share some deep thoughts of their own in the comment section.

See Starsiak Hawk’s latest family photos below.

Mina Starsiak Hawk Documents Her Children Over the Past Week

Mina Starsiak Hawk’s latest Instagram post shows her daughter Charlie playing in a red dress with white polka dots similar to the one Minnie Mouse wears. Charlie also is pictured with safety goggles on, walking outside in a winter coat, and laughing with her mother in a short video clip. Jack is pictured laying down with the family dog Frank and playing outside in a shirt that reads “A little kindness goes a long way”.

Fans took to the comments section to let Starsiak Hawk know how cute they found her photos and to offer deep thoughts of their own per her request. Some even shared advice on making the time with her children not fly so fast.

“I always tell mommas of littles, some days feel as if they last forever (you know the kind I’m talking about 😩🫣😱😭🤪) but the years, oh how they do fly!🥺” one fan commented.

“My girls are grown, I just blinked. It’s so hard when you’re in it to remember how quickly it goes by. Your children are beautiful,” another fan added.

“Charley looks exactly like Jack with her hat on.!!!!!❤️Spend time with the babies before you know it they are kids. Then teenagers urg. lol,” a third fan wrote.

“I need to take more videos. Just random videos of our babies, my hubs, our family… just anyone around us. The videos that seem mundane will be the ones we replay over and over one day,” a fourth fan added.

Mina Starsiak Hawk’s New Podcast Premieres Today

In addition to her HGTV show “Good Bones” and its spinoff “Good Bones: Risky Business” airing in 2022, Mina Starsiak Hawk ended the year by beginning her brand new podcast, titled “Mina AF”, which premieres Tuesday, January 10. Starsiak Hawk has already released a teaser for the upcoming episodes as well as a “Meet Mina” episode for fans to get to know her ahead of the official premiere.

The first two guests on the show are her plastic surgeon, Dr. Peter Koltz, and her husband, Steve Hawk. For future episodes, Starsiak Hawk is asking listeners to send her voice messages with their questions so she can answer them on air.

When Starsiak Hawk first announced the podcast, some fans were upset by the title, as “AF” stands for “as f***”, and is common text lingo that suggests a heavy emphasis on the word or phrase that proceeds it. While some didn’t like the suggestion of profanity, Steve Hawk chimed in to support his wife, commenting on her Instagram post, “Hey all, proud husband here. Wanting to drop in my thoughts. I’ve had the honor of hearing a few sneak peaks from the first few episodes and if you’re the type of person that a small catchy title will deter you from listening to the show, it’s probably not your cup of tea. BUT maybe it is. Why don’t you let the content speak for itself. Mina works very hard to put out the best content for all she does.”

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