HGTV’s Mina Starsiak Hawk Is Ready For the Off-Season

Mina Starsiak Hawk

Rachael Ray Show / YouTube Mina Starsiak Hawk

Hosting an HGTV show is no small task. In addition to all one’s regular work renovating a home, you have to be able to deliver all of the information to a camera, confidently and clearly. So for hosts like Mina Starsiak Hawk, who have multiple shows in production or airing at the same time, it doesn’t take long for the schedule to fill up and for the host to be busier than ever.

Starsiak Hawk recently spoke with Heavy, and opened up about what it was like to work on season 7 of “Good Bones”, plus her own spinoff show “Good Bones: Risky Business”, all while her mom is working on her own spinoff special “Good Bones: Better Yard”. With all three projects coming to an end, Starsiak Hawk also revealed what her schedule looks like these days, and how much of a break the host and mother will actually be getting this holiday season.

Mina Starsiak Hawk is Looking Forward to a ‘Bit of a Respite’

Mina Starsiak Hawk told Heavy that while she films her shows all year and won’t have a proper pause from filming this winter, she is looking forward to shorter and calmer filming days.

“Honestly, the day-to-day between a live season and not live airing is the same for me because we film year-round. We never stop filming,” Starsiak Hawk said, “It does get less intense during the winter because we can’t film if the sun’s not out, so it makes our days a little shorter, which is a little bit of a respite.”

She calls this “not really a break, but kind of a break”.

Starsiak Hawk has also been hard at work on a new podcast recently, revealing the name of the podcast to be “Mina AF”. While details haven’t been provided as to when the show will premiere yet, Starsiak Hawk has recorded at least the first two episodes, one with her husband and one with her plastic surgeon.

‘I Don’t Think I Would Have Lasted Another Month’: Mina Starsiak Hawk on ‘Good Bones: Risky Business’

Starsiak Hawk also opened up about her spinoff, “Good Bones: Risky Business”. The host has spoken out previously about the challenges of filming “Risky Business” and of working on the property with a new team, as she normally works with family members and a close-knit team on “Good Bones”, but had to use a new team on the “Risky Business” renovation.

Now, Starsiak Hawk tells Heavy that she was still working on “Good Bones” throughout “Risky Business” production, and she is very happy to have this spinoff off of her to-do list, telling Heavy, “we were doing so much at once. [While season 7 of ‘Good Bones’ was still in production and airing] we were filming season 8, I was doing my spinoff, mom was doing hers, and just having the ‘Risky Business’ spinoff off my plate has been… I don’t think I would have lasted another month. That was really emotionally and mentally demanding towards the end, so we’re in kind of that lull where construction’s still happening and we’re still filming, but we don’t have any reveals necessarily on the immediate horizon, which is really where it starts getting stressful.”

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