Ben & Erin Napier Introduce Their Girls to New Home Away From Home

The Napiers on Home Town

HGTV/YouTube The Napiers in an opening scene for "Home Town."

HGTV stars Ben and Erin Napier hosted their own “Take Your Daughters To Work Day” on July 26, as they announced a surprise second season of “Home Town Takeover” in Fort Morgan, Colo. Residents packed into Main Street and cheered wildly over the news that their town will get a massive renovation from them and their HGTV colleagues, Dave and Jenny Marrs of “Fixer To Fabulous.” But the Napiers’ biggest fans in attendance were probably also the tiniest.

The couple, who rose to fame co-hosting the hit show “Home Town” and its spinoffs, revealed that they brought their young daughters from their own hometown of Laurel, Miss., to witness the big announcement firsthand. Over the next several months, Fort Morgan will likely become a second home for four-year-old Helen and one-year-old Mae as their parents help transform the town.

But in June 2021, their famous mom said she didn’t think filming a second season of “Home Town Takeover” would be possible while raising two young girls. In response to someone asking about their plans after the first season in Wetumpka, Ala., Erin replied, “i’ll be honest, the takeover life is not all that simpatico with family life. it was an amazing adventure for us, but likely the only one like it until (maybe) our girls are much older.”

But divvying up the work with Dave and Jenny Marrs, who have five kids, must have given them the confidence to transform another town with their girls in tow.

The Napiers Take Their Girls Wherever They Go

On July 27, the day after the big event, Ben posted a series of photos to Instagram about bringing their little girls to Fort Morgan for the big reveal. In the first featured photo, the couple can be seen walking down Main Street with the Marrses, with Erin crouching down and waving to her daughters, who were watching from the sidelines.

“Here’s some shots of our girls right after we surprised the town, and a few shots of their view,” Ben captioned the photos. “We don’t know if they get how big of a deal this is, but we hope they’re proud.”

The post also includes images of the couple after the event, with Ben holding baby Mae and Erin walking with her arm around Helen, who spent lots of time on location with her parents during the first season of “Home Town Takeover,” in Wetumpka, Ala. In April 2021, the Napiers told Yahoo Entertainment that they adopted Wetumpka as their temporary home for four months, and leaned on many people for help when they needed it, especially when Helen broke her leg at the playground.

Now that a new town is counting on them to bring it back to life, the Napiers are committed to having their kids along for the ride. In a Dec. 2021 cover story for People Magazine, the couple said they have strict work hours in order to have plenty of time with their kids, and will also take them on any necessary trips.

“I really don’t want someone else to raise them,” Erin said. “I want us to be 100 percent a part of their life.”

Ben added, “If we are going to go on the road for ‘Takeover’ or if we’re going to do media stuff in New York, then we’re going to have to bring our family along with us. And so that’s how we do it. We don’t fold on our family time.”

Couples Filmed an Update Before Getting To Work

On July 27, the day after informing the town it had been chosen for the new season of “Home Town Takeover,” HGTV crews started filming the Napiers and Marrses as they got to work meeting townspeople — including Ben’s lookalike — and making plans.

The two couples did an Instagram Live for HGTV, chatting about the huge project ahead, their favorite reactions from residents so far, and how they’ll all work together.

“They’re gonna handle the houses,” Erin said, pointing to Dave and Jenny, “and we’re doing a lot of the business and community aspects of design.” She revealed there’s a total of 19 renovation projects to tackle in the town. The couples agreed they’ll be able to get it all done by leaning on each other and the residents of Fort Morgan.

When an off-camera producer told them it was time to get to work on makeovers, Erin pulled out her cell phone. “We have a million kids between us,” she explained. “We’re all constantly checking our phones to make sure the kids are all good, no one’s running a fever or throwing up!”

The Napiers and Marrses seemed genuinely excited to be working together, and about what is possible for Fort Morgan over the next few months. And then, to everyone’s surprise, Erin said she’s already thinking about Season 3.

“I’m just going to put this out into the universe,” she said. “If there’s a ‘Takeover’ Season 3, please let it be Maine. I’m obsessed with Maine. Somewhere coastal!”

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