Nicole Curtis Addresses Report That HGTV Pulled Her Show

Nicole Curtis on KTLA

KTLA/YouTube Nicole Curtis on KTLA's morning news show in July 2018.

With questions swirling about what happened to HGTV’s Nicole Curtis and her new show, “Rehab Addict Lake House Rescue,” the home restoration expert has provided new updates and responded to a report on HGTV not premiering the show. Previously scheduled to debut July 13 on HGTV, the new series quietly disappeared from the network’s lineup around the same time the star declared “I’m done” on social media and left the country.

Hours before “Rehab Addict Lake House Rescue” was scheduled to air, Curtis posted a mirror selfie on Instagram, and shared that the show would not premiere as planned due to a personal health crisis. “Before you go looking, no shows tonight,” she wrote. “Ive recently seen my body,physically and mentall, g through things I never imagined. I’ve gone from shock to awe, happiness to sadness, ok to how the f do I get through the next minute and finally to I’ve survived. For all those reasons, I made a call and said I’m done. Not forever, but until this phase of my life becomes my past.”

In addition to that message, Curtis shared a photo in her Instagram Stories of herself curled up in a hospital bed and wrote, “I’m a ‘make the best of it’ Person, but reached my limits when…the stress of ‘doing it all’ broke my body.”

After those concerning admissions, Curtis surprised fans by popping up in Paris the next day, saying that she wanted to wake up “and stare at the Eiffel Tower.” She posted a series of Instagram Stories with photos from her day in Paris, but provided no updates on her show or health. A week later, Curtis was still in Europe.

Curtis Replies To Report on Show Getting Pulled

Neither Curtis nor HGTV have responded to Heavy’s requests for a statement on her health or her show’s status. But when an Instagram post featured Heavy’s article about the situation, the star replied with a comment.

“Wow,” she wrote, using her @detroitdesign Instagram handle. “@HGTV didn’t pull show — wth.”

At the time, it was unclear whether HGTV made the decision to take the show off the schedule or if Curtis requested the change; it was pulled from the lineup by July 13 and there’s no longer any mention of it on HGTV’s website.

As previously reported, when Curtis told fans not to expect new shows to air that night, she also wrote in an Instagram Story, “The shows are there @hgtv has been most gracious And when my heart is healed & I feel it’s time -I’ll make it happen – I always do.”

However, on July 21, Curtis posted a new Instagram Story that revealed the series is not quite ready to air. She wrote, “Hi! Just a long update. Due to health issues, physical (not mental), I could not be on a job site for my usual 16-22 hours I build on AND off camera … We were almost done with the Lake House when this occurred. The shows are on my laptop in final edit When I am up to par- you will see my house as the star @hgtv”

“Rehab Addict Lake House Rescue” had been touted as a docu-series following Curtis to Lake Orion, Mich., to finish the massive renovation of a historic waterfront cottage. In 2018, Curtis told KTLA that she bought the home online for $42,000. In May 2022, she posted that her crew had just reattached a refurbished front door on the lake house, which she called a “little cause for celebration.”

Curtis Reveals Her State of Mind Before Leaving the Country

On most of her days in Paris, Curtis has uploaded photos and videos to her Instagram Stories. At one point, she shared that she’d had a “huge breakthrough” because she’d found her Visa number and figured out how to pay for things with her phone. She also wrote that she’d intended to only be in Paris for a one-day layover, with plans for going to Corfu, an island in Greece, but that she accidentally “slept through.” She’s shared images of visiting the Eiffel Tower, enjoying meals, and admiring the walnut walls of her hotel room.

In a new batch of Instagram Stories posted on July 20, Curtis provided further explanation on why she chose to take a break and head to Europe. She wrote, “Weeks ago, when my sanity was quickly fleeting (some argue it was already gone -possibly) I laid defeated on my front porch (This us why I prefer never having neighbors as the awkward small talk after one of the scenes is too much).”

Next, she posted a selfie of herself laying on her porch and wrote, “It was a good hour of this, maybe more.”

“I made a list of what I needed to do,” she wrote on the next photo, with a view of her pants and feet, as she continued to lay on the porch floor. Curtis then shared her to-do list with readers: “1. Give myself grace 2. Find forgiveness in my broken (she inserted an emoji of a broken heart here) 3. Start having dramatic moments in my backyards and finally…”

She moved on to her next Instagram Story, posting the words, “Get my fn mojo back” over a photo of herself sitting on a park bench, with her face out of the frame. She continued, “Also, do everything I couldn’t do for the past few months” and then listed things she wants to start doing again: “Run, Feel my feelings, Take time for me, Be the joyous, boisterous, fun-loving, free-spirited person I am without apology.”

Curtis Bikes in Paris, Says She’s Moving On To New Destination

Bicyclists in Paris

GettyBicyclists ride past the Eiffel Tower in Paris in 2020.

Curtis continued her updates on July 20 when she posted several videos to her Instagram Stories of her bicycling in Paris. She showed off white frosted sunglasses she bought for just five euros, and then posted a video of herself cycling on the side of a busy street in the Trocadéro, an expansive area of gardens across from the Eiffel Tower, in 85-degree weather.

In the next video from Curtis, taken as she walked her bike through a park, the restoration expert said, “I actually found a flight out of here. So I’m going to do that, onto my next city. ‘Cause I missed my Corfu trip. I’m very sad about this. Like ridiculously sad.”

In an earlier Instagram Story, posted on the morning of July 17, Curtis had shared that  she was “supposed to be in #Corfu but last night led to sleeping in.”

Corfu is a Greek island that’s about a two-and-a-half-hour flight from Paris; Expedia shows there are three to four nonstop flights there from Paris every day. However, over her video, Curtis added text that said, “Something to note, only one flight from #paris to #corfu So I spun the globe & picked a new destination.”

Curtis has not yet shared where she is heading next on her getaway. She has two sons, 24-year-old Ethan and five-year-old Harper, over whom she was embroiled in a three-year custody battle.

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