Will ‘No Demo Reno’ Have a Second Season?

Jenn Todryk

HGTV Jenn Todryk stars in HGTV's "No Demo Reno."

Despite being a relatively new series, “No Demo Reno” is one of the most popular shows on HGTV. The first season ended in May, which may have caused some fans to wonder if they can expect a second season in the near future. 

The Dallas Morning News reported it has not yet been confirmed that HGTV will renew “No Demo Reno.” However, the publication noted that the series has a high number of viewers, meaning that it will likely have a sophomore season. HGTV’s president Jane Latman also shared a statement, which indicated that the network is pleased with the show and its host, Jenn Todryk. In the statement, Latman noted that Todryk “is so much fun and her ability to keep it real when it comes to balancing work and family is a big part of her appeal.”  

“It’s great to see No Demo Reno’s ratings performance, and we’re excited about the many possibilities for this series,” stated Latman.

Jenn Todryk Discussed Her Future Plans During a Recent Interview

During a recent interview with Fox 4 KDFW, Todryk discussed her future with HGTV. She did not give a definite answer about filming a second season but noted that she “love[s] the TV show.” 

“The opportunity is amazing. It’s life changing. I’m very thankful and blessed to like have the opportunity to do that and have a husband that supports me and who wants to do it too,” said the television personality. 

She then revealed that she and her husband, Mike, have been focusing their attention on “expanding” their cafe, Armor Coffee Bar and Workspace, located in Allen, Texas.

“So life is just a bunch of steps for us and it’s kind of like what we’re doing now, what’s the next step, what’s the step after that. So I just have a lot of fun steps right now that are going to lead to new things in five, 10 years down the road,” explained the mother-of-three.

Todryk Is Also a Social Media Influencer

On top of being a television host and a business owner, Todryk is a social media influencer. She began her blog, “The Rambling Redhead,” in 2015 and found almost instantaneous success with a post titled “Top 6 Wines That Pair Best With Your Child’s Crappy Behavior. Epic News for Parents.” Her blog’s popularity allowed her to amass a massive social media following. In a 2019 interview with DFW Child, the 32-year-old commented on why she believed she has so many fans. 

I’m weird. I do little skits and stuff. Most people, when they make a profile in their home decor or fashion, or whatever, you stay in your lane. That’s what you do. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, and that’s why my blog was called Life as a Rambling Redhead,” explained Todryk. 

While speaking to the publication, the television personality revealed that she began blogging because she felt like she “had no identity,” after deciding to become a stay-at-home-mother. 

“I was a workaholic and I would bring my work home, and I really found joy in presenting and making stuff, trying to hustle and be the best at whatever job title I had. [As a mom of two] I just needed something fun to do. I needed an outlet. I needed to create something, even if only my mom and my dad were going to read it,” said the HGTV star. 

To see more of Todryk, check out the first season of “No Demo Reno,” available to stream on Amazon Prime. 

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