Page Turner Needed Medical Treatment While Filming ‘Rock the Block’

Page Turner

Heavy/Celebrity Page/YouTube Page Turner

HGTV’s hit show “Rock the Block” took things to new heights this season. The show sees four teams of HGTV stars competing to renovate identical $1.9 million homes in hopes of adding the most value by the end, and this season is set amongst the high altitudes of the Rocky Mountains.

In a late-night March 22 Instagram post, Page Turner (who is competing with her “Fix My Flip” partner Mitch Glew), revealed that these high altitudes made her sick and that she needed supplemental oxygen on multiple occasions during filming.

“🤣 That pic is so dramatic but I felt so awful!! Adjusting to the altitude in Berthoud, CO while filming #RocktheBlock was AWFUL! Berthoud is just 12 miles from the Rocky Mountains and I believe 4K ft above sea level so the air was thin and I had a hard time breathing 😭,” Turner wrote in the caption of her post, which shows a montage Turner sitting in her trailer on different filming days receiving supplemental oxygen from the “Rock the Block” medical team via a nasal cannula.

Bryan & Sarah Baeumler Gave Page Turner Portable Oxygen

Berthoud, Colorado’s actual average elevation is 5,030 feet above sea level, a major increase from the average of 305 feet in Los Angeles, where Turner lives during the year. According to the National Institutes of Health, Berthoud would be classified as a “high altitude region”, and due to the low atmospheric pressure can cause low oxygen saturation levels, especially for those who are not used to the altitudes. This can lead to symptoms including shortness of breath, extreme fatigue and weakness, mental confusion, and headaches.

Turner admitted to having some of these symptoms, writing in her caption, “I actually never did feel well the ENTIRE time I was there, but I had to press through & do my best to ‘breathe differently’… I tried my best, but I had to get help and the EMS team on the block were ahhhhmazing & always making sure I was okay! It was embarrassing 😭😩 but I needed it!”

Turner also mentioned receiving help in the form of a portable, personal oxygen bottle from her “Rock the Block” castmates, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler (from “Renovation Island”), writing, “And then the ahhhmazing Baeumler’s … were sooooo sweet and brought me single oxygen bottles that I was able to take all around the block and with me so that I could keep working and take my O2 whiffs when I needed 🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️. Like OMGGGGGGG to be that thoughtful 😭😭 … We’re all in a tough competition, but I promise you, these teams have my heart! xoxo”

Page Turner is Half-Canadian

After thanking her Canadian competitors the Baeumlers, Turner revealed that she has some Canadian ancestry of her own in the comment section, writing, “They’re really my people since I’m half Canadian (my ‘mum’ although I call her Mama 😂 my sisters are from Canada too so they call her Mum, so funny!)”

Turner’s mother, Patricia, is now 82 years old, and was an aspiring author, according to her daughter in episode two of this season of “Rock the Block”. In fact, Turner and her partner Glew installed a library into their home’s living room area, and dedicated it to Patricia, a move that paid off when judges Mina Starsiak Hawk (from “Good Bones”) and Jenn Todryk (from “No Demo Reno”) granted them the win.

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