The Property Brothers Celebrated Their Birthday by Giving Back

Drew and Jonathan Scott

Heavy/Getty Drew and Jonathan Scott.

The Property Brothers kicked off their birthday week by giving back! Drew and Jonathan Scott – who turned 45 years old on April 28, 2023 – spent the preceding Monday volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, reported People.

“That’s something that’s always been important to Jonathan and me and our family is our birthday,” Drew told the outlet. “It’s not a chance to celebrate ourselves. It’s a chance to give back to the community.”

The brothers annually participate in the “Home is the Key” campaign for the nonprofit organization, which provides and advocates for safe and affordable housing.

“And we thought this year, why not actually just do a little something different and do something with our birthday?” Jonathan told People.

As they revealed on Instagram, the HGTV stars helped build eight Los Angeles, California homes.

“They’re going to realize home ownership, which they’ve never had before, and I think that’s really exciting to be a part of — giving a family that opportunity to thrive in their lives,” Drew explained to People.

Jonathan revealed to the publication that he is also took his efforts online, providing Zoom consultations with fans throughout his birthday week.

“I love that we can help Habitat doing this and we can also help people who follow us online and who watch the shows and say, ‘Geez, I wish I really could finish [a project].’ I think it’s going to be a way for us just to show everybody that we are paying attention,” he continued telling the publication.

Drew & Jonathan Scott Were Named Habitat Humanitarians

The Scotts have a 25-year history with Habitat for Humanity, according to People.

The organization even recognized the twins as Habitat Humanitarians, which according to the nonprofit’s website, is “a group of volunteers who also serve as tireless champions, advocates and spokespeople to raise awareness of the need for decent, affordable shelter in the U.S. and around the world.”

They also received the Dream Builders award in March 2023.

“A home’s so important to a family because it’s that centerpoint for your entire life,” Drew said in a Habitat for Humanity video. “It’s where you wake up every morning, you go to bed every night. I think if somebody has a happy stable home, it affects their entire life in a positive way.”

Jonathan added in the clip, “Owning your own home is, it’s not even just the American dream. It’s a human dream, it’s a family dream. It’s something that I think everyone should have the right to and access to and Habitat is who does it the best.”

Drew & Jonathan Scott Credit Their Parents for Being Philanthropic

Drew and Jonathan attributed their philanthropic ways to their parents, according to People.

“Our parents, they were so passionate about the planet, about families, about giving everybody an opportunity to love life and fulfill their dreams,” Drew told the outlet. “Growing up with that kind of energy and love in the house was really important for us.”

The birthday boys will soon return with new episodes of “Celebrity IOU,” partnering with stars to surprise their loved ones with surprise renovations. The new season kicks on Monday, May 15, 2023 at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times.

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