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HGTV’s “Property Brothers” Drew and Jonathan Scott received a special shoutout on the May 31 episode of “Jeopardy!”, where they were featured in on clue under the Famous Siblings category.

“Drew and Jonathan Scott considered naming their TV show ‘Bros Before Renos’ before settling on this name,” the clue read, revealing one title option the design duo had in mind before their show first premiered on HGTV in 2011. “Jeopardy!” contestant Lisa buzzed in first with the correct answer, “What is ‘The Property Brothers’?” before her opponents Ilhana and Kyle, taking the $1,200 attached to the clue. Despite this little victory, Lisa had a hard time keeping up with Ilhana and Kyle throughout the rest of the game, and ended in third place with $1 at the end of the Final Jeopardy round.

The Scott twins have previously shared a few ideas they had for their series title before landing on “Property Brothers”, including “Build-A-Brothers,” “Brothers in Business,” and “Bungalow Brothers”.

Drew & Jonathan Scott React to Their ‘Jeopardy!’ Clue

“Hmm…I know this one…🤣 Post your non Property Brothers answers here! #Jeopardy” Jonathan wrote in a caption when he shared a screenshot of the clue on his Instagram page the next morning, June 1.

Many fans and followers were quick to chime in with their purposefully incorrect answers, including Drew, who shared his guess of, “What is Stud and a Dud!”

“What is Stud Muffins ?” singer Michael Bublé suggested, with Jonathan responding, “no not your and my show! Haha”.

“What is ‘Beam me up Scotts'” another user added.

The official “Property Brothers” Instagram page also shared a clip of the “Jeopardy!” clue to their story, writing “Hey @jeopardy we could’ve got this one! 😉” over the clip.

The Scott brothers previously appeared as an answer on “Jeopardy!”, again in a $1,200 clue, which Jonathan shared to Twitter in January 2019. The clue then read “Jonathan and Drew Scott, stars of this HGTV real estate series and its spin-offs, share their story in ‘It Takes Two’,” with the correct response again being “What is ‘The Property Brothers’?”

HGTV Stars Have Found Themselves Referenced in ‘Jeopardy!’ Clues in the Past

“Jeopardy!” is no stranger to HGTV, as the Home and Garden network has often appeared in clues and answers on the iconic game show. HGTV Canada host Scott McGillivray shared an exciting find in December 2014 when his show “Income Property” was referenced in a clue that asked the contestants which network the show ran on.

The network has come up multiple times in the years that followed, with one 2016 clue reading “Cable network where you’ll find ‘Listed Sisters’ and ‘Property Brothers'” and another in 2018 reading “This cable channel has had more than 30 shows with ‘flip’ in their titles”, with the correct responses for each clue being “What is HGTV?”

HGTV’s “No Demo Reno” host Jenn Todryk was also very excited when her show popped up in a “Jeopardy!” clue, who shared at the time that her “dad said, you were on ‘Jeopardy’, you’ve made it.”

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Jennifer Kuchler
Jennifer Kuchler
3 months ago

This is such a Cool Article on Jonathan and Drew Scott, and it’s also nice to know that other HGTV Stars had clues on “Jeopardy” :)