Drew & Linda Scott Are Expanding Their Family

Drew and Linda Scott

Getty Drew & Linda Scott at an Audi event for the 71st Emmys.

“Property Brothers” star Drew Scott and his wife Linda Phan are expecting their first child, the couple announced on their podcast, “At Home With Linda & Drew Scott.”

In the episode titled “Oh baby baby!” they revealed they conceived through IVF (in vitro fertilization) after a two-year fertility journey that included failed rounds of IUI (intrauterine insemination).

“It’s not that I wasn’t excited, it was just really confusing because we got the news from our fertility doctor and I guess it’s just not how I imagined it,” Phan told her husband on their podcast. “Not that it made it disappointing in any way, I think I just had more of a sense of relief at first.”

Scott and Phan began dating in 2010 and got married in 2018. They discovered she was pregnant in August 2021, according to a vlog on YouTube showcasing a bit of their fertility journey.

hi friends and fam! we’re pregnant 😊❤️ Sooo we keep forgetting who we’ve shared the news with. If we haven’t told you yet, we’ve been meaning to! Just a lil busy with holiday baking this year 😊 It has been an incredible adventure so far and we know it’s only just the start. We’re happy, excited, anxious, curious, bloated and gassy…2021-12-21T15:00:11Z

“For a while I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to share, or if I wanted to share at all,” Phan told Scott in the episode. “Even with close family and friends, we didn’t tell them right away just because I needed to process the feeling myself before diluting it with other people’s excitement.”

Scott & Phan Showed off Her Growing Bump

After the announcement, Scott and Phan shared identical Instagram posts showing off her growing bump.

“guess we’re doing weekly bathroom selfies now,” they wrote. “It has been an adventure to get here! We know we’re not alone in this experience and that everyone’s is filled with unique challenges along the way. When we first started down this path, we quickly felt sooooo appreciative of the doctors we’ve been fortunate to work with, and fam and friends who supported us throughout, sharing their stories or simply just being there. It made an overwhelming time in our lives more manageable. We hope as we grow through this, that even one of you reading this can also feel a little less lonely in whatever path you’re on!”

HGTV & Its Stars Congratulated the Expectant Parents

HGTV was quick to congratulate the couple, sharing a video on its Instagram account.

It stated, “Linda & Drew are having a baby! They are going to make great parents because they are… Goofy, Helpful, Caring. Congratulations Linda & Drew.”

Some of the network’s biggest stars also shared their congratulations, commenting on Scott’s post. Among them is “Home Town” star Ben Napier. He wrote, “WHAT!?!?!?! Congratulations!!! Babies are the best thing in the world.”

The host of “My Lottery Dream Home,” David Bromstad, chimed in, “OMG congratulations!!! How incredibly exciting!!!!”

The Holmes siblings also shared their well-wishes. Michael Jr. wrote, “Congratulations @mrdrewscott and @imlindork!” and Sherry added, “Congratulations you two!! @mrdrewscott @imlindork So happy for you.”

Congratulations came from other HGTV stars, including Carter Oosterhouse, Cristy Lee, Sarah Keenleyside, Vern Yip and Scott McGillivray.

The “Celebrity IOU” star also received comments from singers, dancers and actors, such as Michelle Branch, Faith Ford, Ashley Greene, Rachel Boston, Michelle Kwan, Brooklyn Decker, Nikki Bella, Lindsay Arnold and Yvette Nicole Brown

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