Retta Reveals Just How Ugly the Homes Are in New HGTV Show ‘Ugliest House in America’


HGTV Retta hosts "Ugliest House In America" on HGTV.

Retta is looking for the “Ugliest House in America” as the host of HGTV’s newest competition series. But just how ugly are these homes?

“They’re not great,” the comedian told Heavy. “There were some where I was like ‘Yeah, you might want to burn it to the ground and start over.’ And there were some, it was like, ‘Oh, I’m sure this was lovely in the 70s,’ but you know, it was just hadn’t kept up with design and structural, some things were like – You question what made them do it this way in the first place.”

She added, “So they were, they were all bad for different reasons. And some of them weren’t even like bad from the outside but you go inside and were like ‘Oof, this is the part where you have to live.’”

The series will see Retta travel across the country to check out the ugliest homes. A winner will be decided based on “its ugly appearance, poor functionality and surprising design choices” to receive a $150,000 renovation from “Windy City Rehab” star Alison Victoria.

Retta Signed on as Host After Renovating Her Own Home

The “Parks and Recreation” star is herself a home renovation enthusiast who loves a good “before-and-after.”

Telling Heavy why she signed onto the show, Retta said, “I’ve been working on my house, my yard and been in that mode, especially during quarantine, it was, you know, the only thing going on. It just felt right, like it would be exciting to watch a house get renovated.”

“I love what a transformation I was able to do in that smaller space so when I was looking for a house, I knew my budget, I was like, I want to make it what I want,” she explained. “So I looked for something I could afford and could afford a renovation for. So I walked into this place and I was like, I knew, I knew, oh you could close that off, we could knock down this wall. You know, I had it in my head as I was walking through having gone through it with my condo.”

It was only after buying her home that she discovered her show “Good Girls” would film in Atlanta.

While she had a designer, in the beginning, it was a struggle. “There was a lot of Facetiming. A lot of FedExing. You know, papers that needed to be notarized and that kind of thing. But once we finished the first season, I was finally able to be here for the work. That was the fun part.”

Will She Swing a Sledgehammer on HGTV?

While she knew what she wanted with the design, she was not the one tearing down walls.

“I knew, you know, what I needed space-wise. You know, I had to convert a room to a closet and I changed the garage into a TV room, that kind of thing,” the stand-up told Heavy. “But, you know, with regards to actually doing work – no, no, no. I don’t do that.”

So does that mean viewers will not see her swinging a sledgehammer on HGTV? She simply responded, “Ya might. Ya might.”

“Ugliest House in America” premieres on Monday, January 3 at 10 p.m. Eastern time. It will air weeknights on HGTV through Friday, January 7.

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Lucinda Palmer
Lucinda Palmer
4 months ago

Retta, where do you get your clothing you wear on the show? I just love your outfits, the style, the colors I have never seen them before. I want to shop where you shop. OH and I love the show.

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