‘Rock the Block’ Fans Call For Format Change

"Rock the Block" season 4 cast

Heavy/Discovery "Rock the Block" season 4 cast

HGTV star Sarah Baeumler took to Instagram on Tuesday, March 12 after the second episode of “Rock the Block” season four aired to share a photo of her and her husband Bryan Baeumler’s kitchen and living room spaces, writing “The calm after the chaos 🤍” in the caption.

The Baeumlers are one of two teams who have yet to win a challenge as of episode two (the other being Luxe for Less’s Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle), though fans were vocal that they think the Baeumler’s kitchen and living room should have won these challenges, with one fan writing, “WTF 🤬 your home is the best by far after the kitchen and family room and foyer. PS it’s called a foyer (en francais) 🇨🇦 And I expect in the end you and Bryan will win it all. There I said it. Needed to be said. Carry on. 🙌”

Fans Think ‘Rock the Block’ Judges Shouldn’t Know Whose Home is Whose

Another fan commented on Sarah’s post to suggest a possible amendment to the “Rock the Block” rulebook to ensure that the judging is fair, writing, “LOVE the stone work and I loved the location of the fireplace, made perfect sense! I think the Rock the Block judges should come in NOT knowing who’s house is who’s so no favouritism occurs. Especially since some of the renovators were judges in the past.”

Two contestants this season, Jonathan Knight (who is paired with his “Farmhouse Fixer” partner Kristina Crestin) and Page Turner (who is with her “Fix My Flip” partner Mitch Glew), have appeared as “Rock the Block” judges in the past, giving them a familiarity with the show. Although there is an even playing field, with each team having equal budgets and identical homes to renovate in Berthoud, Colorado, both teams with a former “Rock the Block” judge are the only ones with a win after episode two, with Knight and Crestin winning the Kitchen face-off and Turner and Glew winning the Living Room face-off.

One fan replied to the suggested rule change, noting that Knight and Crestin’s win was awarded by Jenny and Dave Marrs, who were named the winners of the Kitchen face-off on their season of “Rock the Block” by Knight (along with his brother Jordan). This fan wrote, “As much as I love Jenny and Dave, I feel they gave them kitchen win to Jonathan because they are such good friends.”

Another “Rock the Block” fan shared a similar idea in a “Rock the Block” fan page on Facebook, writing in a March 12 comment, “to make this a fair competition for the best designer that adds the most value… the judges should not know who designed each home until they announce the winner in the finale. I love watching all the ideas and talents, but some tend to design these homes to their own personal lifestyles. Good, bad, or indifferent should be left in the eyes of the judges who does not have any personal connections with any of the designers.”

Bryan Baeumler Hosts His Own Renovation Competition

In addition to competing on “Rock the Block”, Bryan Baeumler is the host of his own similar show, called “Renovation Resort”, which was produced by and currently airs on HGTV Canada. In “Renovation Resort”, four teams of two are given identical waterfront cabins in Southern Ontario and must compete to renovate their cabin ahead of peak rental season, where the highest value renovation will be given the top prize of $100,000.

In addition to presenting the competition with his co-host Scott McGillivray, Baeumler and McGillivray serve as the judges. While “Renovation Resort” is not currently available in the United States, McGillivray confirmed he would share some news soon about this.

“Rock the Block” airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern time on HGTV and discovery+.

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