Winner Revealed: ‘Rock the Block’ Season 4 Finale Live Recap

"Rock the Block" ends tonight

Heavy "Rock the Block" ends tonight

It all ends tonight. HGTV’s “Rock the Block” is crowning its season four winner. For the past five weeks, viewers have followed four teams — Bryan and Sarah Baeumler from “Renovation Island,” Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle from “Luxe for Less,” Mitch Glew and Page Turner from “Fix My Flip,” and Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin from “Farmhouse Fixer” — as they renovated identical $1.9 million homes in Berthoud, Colorado, each armed with a $250,000 budget.

Tonight viewers will find out which team added the most value to their home and will take home the title of “Rock the Block” champions, along with the prize of having the street where the competition took place named after them.

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers for “Rock the Block” season 4 episode 6, “Finale Face-Off” (April 10, 2023). Do not read ahead if you do not want the season 4 winners spoiled.

‘Rock the Block’ Season 4 Finale Live Recap & Winner Revealed

Reigning “Rock the Block” champions Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson return with season one winner Jasmine Roth to judge the finished houses and name a winning team, but first, teams were four days to add the finishing touches to their homes, including the bonus garage and study.

Page and Mitch used their bonus spaces to add another bathroom on their main level and a gym in their bonus garage. Bryan and Sarah incorporated a workspace into their bonus garage. Michel and Anthony turned their final spaces into a study that doubles as a guest bedroom (with a full bathroom en suite) and a makerspace for creative work. Jonathan and Kristina spent the $5,000 left in their budget to turn their bonus garage into a workspace for outdoor activities.

The judges arrived in time for the final appraisals and began with Jonathan and Kristina’s “Modern Farmhouse”. Mike liked the mix of textures and colors in their exterior, but Jasmine wasn’t a big fan of their second kitchen. Egypt appreciated the attention to detail in each space and the flow throughout the home.

Bryan and Sarah’s “Aspen Chalet” was the next house to be judged. The judges loved the stone walls that carried through the home’s interior and exterior. Egypt pointed out, however, that the two-sided fireplace in the living room still blocked the mountain views, even after Bryan and Sarah attempted to shorten it and add an extra window in their final days. The Baeumler’s lower level blew Jasmine’s mind, although she feared it would be too specific to maximize appraisal value.

Michel and Anthony’s “Mountain Modern” home was judged third. The first word Egypt said upon entering the home was “Luxe”. The judges also felt that Michel and Anthony’s additional bedroom and en suite could be a game changer, however Jasmine felt the lower level’s kitchen was too specific and would limit the appraisal value.

Page and Mitch’s “Alpine Chic” house was last to be toured. The judges were wowed by the dining room’s stone wall, however Jasmine was not thrilled by the second and third kitchens in the house. The kitchen swings were also knocked, especially after Egypt fell off of her swing. The judges felt it was smart of the team to add a gym in their bonus garage.

During the final deliberation, the judges noted that this is the first “Rock the Block” season where every team has at least one weekly win prior to the finale. While the judges debated each home, the contestants were allowed into one another’s homes for the first time all season.

After all was said and done, the cast returned to the center of the cul de sac to announce a winner, and host Ty Pennington said that in the end only $75,000 separated the final appraisal values of the highest- and lowest-valued homes. With an appraisal value of $2,850,000, the winners of “Rock the Block” season 4 are Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle. The street where the homes sit will be named Michel and Anthony Ave. in their honor.

“You could see his love for fashion and my love for design in every room,” Michel said, “So this is beyond what we could have expected.”

“These six weeks have changed our lives forever,” Anthony added.

“Rock the Block” returns next week, Monday, April 17, 2023 at 9 p.m. for a “Rock the Block: Behind the Block” special episode filled with never-before-seen footage from season four.

Who Won Each Weekly Challenge Leading Into Finale Night?

Prior to the finale, “Rock the Block” teams competed in five episodes that saw them work on a different area of the house. After each area was completed, two HGTV stars would come to the block to tour the spaces and act as guest judges, choosing a weekly winner. The results up until the final are:

  • Week 1: Jenny and Dave Marrs (from “Fixer to Fabulous”) named Jonathan and Kristina as the winners of the Kitchen Face-Off
  • Week 2: Mina Starsiak Hawk (“Good Bones”) and Jenn Todryk (“No Demo Reno”) named Page and Mitch as the winners of the Living Room Face-Off
  • Week 3: In the show’s first blind judging, Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis (“Unsellable Houses”) named Michel and Anthony as the winners of the Main Suite Face-Off
  • Week 4: Alison Victoria (“Windy City Rehab”) and Veronica Valencia (“Revealed”) named Jonathan and Kristina as the winners of the Lower Level Face-Off (their second win).
  • Week 5: Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt (“100 Day Dream Home”) named Bryan and Sarah as the winners of the Exterior Face-Off

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