Why ‘Rock the Block’ Contestants Wear the Same Outfit Each Week

"Rock the Block" contestants wear the same outfits

HGTV / YouTube "Rock the Block" contestants wear the same outfits

HGTV’s “Rock the Block” is currently in production for its upcoming fourth season, and contestant Page Turner has revealed a production secret on Instagram.

“Good Monday Morning,” the “Fix My Flip” host said in her October 24 post, “I always see comments over the last three seasons of ‘Rock the Block’, ‘Why do they wear the same thing? Is this done in a day? This is a trick.'”

One fan recently asked this very question on Twitter, writing, “I need answers!!! Why and HOW are all the contestants on Rock the Block wearing the exact same outfit every single day for 6 weeks straight. My brain can’t comprehend. It’s all I’ve been thinking about, help.”

Turner reveals that there is no trick, however the contestants are required to pack duplicates of the same outfit for filming so that editors can edit the show more seamlessly without risk of continuity errors. HGTV explains further on their website:

Continuity is key when it comes to producing a large-scale show like “Rock the Block”. With so many stars on set filming various segments over the course of several weeks, producers worked hard to make the entire filming/editing process as seamless as possible — which included “uniforms” for each of the stars.

See Turner’s “uniform” below.

Where is Page Turner’s ‘Rock the Block’ Uniform From?

HG (and a black long-sleeve shirt for cold days). The star revealed that she got her outfits from Fashion Nova, and that she wears them all in succession and then washes them all together every four days to make sure they’re clean for the next day.

“Rock the Block” alumna Jenny Marrs chimed in on Turner’s comments to relate to the same-outfit struggle, writing, “The same outfit dilemma! Haha! I never want to see my shirt again from RTB!😂” Turner responded that she “can’t wait to never see [her overalls and green shirt] again!!”

Fans were grateful to Turner for clearing up this mystery. One fan wrote in the comments, “Lol! Ok, duh. That makes sense now. My mom and I were over here developing all sorts of theories about it during the season with David & Tiffany” to which Turner responded that this fan was not alone and that many people “go crazy” over the stars repeating their looks on camera.

Page Turner Wore 56 Outfits on ‘Fix My Flip’ Season

In a follow-up Instagram post, Turner revealed what her “Rock the Block” uniform looks like on, and admitted that she actually enjoyed being able to stick with one outfit through the course of filming, telling viewers, “I’m grateful for this, it’s a lot easier. My ‘Fix My Flip’ show, last year, I counted, I had to wear 56 outfits for that whole season. 56.”

Turner said that the repetitive looks reminds her of her school uniform days at Page School of Beverly Hills and Notre Dame Girls Academy.

The star also said that even though she did bring other, non-uniform outfits to Colorado for filming, she hasn’t had a chance to wear any of them, as her schedule is so packed with filming and working on her “Rock the Block” renovation.

Turner has previously appeared as a guest judge on “Rock the Block” season 2, judging that season’s living room and foyer transformations, however season 4, which she confirmed comes out in March 2023, will be her first time competing.

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