Roger Canevari, LeAnn Rimes’ Friend & Counselor: 5 Fast Facts

LeAnn Rimes

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Roger Canevari is a friend and counselor to LeAnn Rimes. She is surprising him on the latest episode of “Celebrity IOU.”

“Roger always takes care of everyone around him and always puts others first,” Rimes said of her friend in a press release. “He has helped so many people. I think it would be really beautiful to give him a space that brightens his life because he’s brightened so many people’s lives. That would be special.”

Canevari shared a promo of tonight’s episode on Instagram, captioning the post, “This is incredibly humbling and all too exciting because tonight is the premiere of the episode when my dear dear friend @leannrimes surprises me along with friends the @propertybrothers to ….. well if you want to know you are going to have to watch. It still feels like a dream to me.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Canevari Loves to Cook

Because of Canevari’s love of cooking, specifically Italian cuisine, Rimes and “The Property Brothers” stars, Jonathan and Drew Scott, are renovating his “inadequate kitchen,” according to the episode’s description.

Discovery’s press release for the episode elaborates, referring to his kitchen as “outdated and awkwardly shaped.”

“The final reveal will include a state-of-the-art kitchen with sleek dark cabinets and an oversized stone island, a massive collapsible sliding door to the backyard and an expansive outdoor patio with a built-in pizza oven, dining space and custom fireplace,” the press release continues.

As Discovery explains, this renovation puts the country singer to work. She helps with demolition, hanging cabinets and laying tiles.

2. Canevari Designs Jewelry

According to his Instagram, Canevari designs jewelry under the Mantis 7 Jewels label. The line is hand-crafted in New York City and Los Angeles.

He documents his work through a new Instagram account launched in April, where he showcases his creations such as rings, pendants and chains.

Some of his pieces take years to make, such as a chain featuring sapphire accents. As he wrote on Instagram, “An artist’s custom creation 4 years in the making.. 26 inches long.. 12 carats of sapphire blue gemstones.”

3. Canevari Is a Boxer

As Canevari put it on Instagram, he has a “huge passion for boxing,” and not just watching. Rimes’ friend has participated in semi-professional boxing matches, such as the one against Rich Sharp.

He is trained by Boxing and MMA coach Jon Durrant, a man he referred to on Instagram as his “own Personal Rock Star.”

Canevari wishes he started boxing at a younger age. Sharing a video to Instagram, he wrote, “These were some of the happiest days of my life ..all said one of several regrets was that I didn’t create this opportunity or see the gift earlier in my life. It’s kind of impossible now with years of injuries that probably can’t be fixed. I live with chronic pain some days in tears and wondering why Heaven or Hell wants me to suffer so much .. but this was a dream for me and a deep deep love.”

4. Canevari Shares Dog Tyson With Partner Darrell Brown

Canevari often documents his life with partner Darrell Brown and their rescue dog, Tyson.

As they joked on Instagram, the Doberman is “trying my best to train these two humans.”

Brown shared a glimpse at their life on Instagram, writing, “So up early every morning with [Tyson] we go for our morning walk, we come back home and I make Tyson breakfast, we play a little fetch and chase on the yard and then he disappears….. and every morning I walk back Into our bedroom and there he is. Tyson all cuddly with [Canevari] taking their early morning nap.”

5. Canevari Is an Interventionist

As Rimes revealed in a sneak peek, Canevari is an interventionist she says is “like a second dad to me.”

“Roger is the one who saw right through what was going on in my life,” she said to HGTV’s go-to twins. “He knew I was just kind of ready to seek help. Starting out so young, I had so much anxiety and depression.”

Rimes credits him with saving her life. When surprising him, the “Masked Singer” winner told him, “I wanted to do something special for you because you’ve helped me so much in my life. Eight years ago when I was probably at the lowest point in my life, you basically saved my life.”

“Celebrity IOU” airs on HGTV at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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